Bringing home a pet turtle can also be a very rewarding experience. However, as with any other pets, it is necessary to consider a lot of things before buying the animal. The needs of turtles are completely different from any other kind of pets. Ignoring the same can cost their health and lives. It’s a serious commitment and no one wants our loved animals to meet a premature death. Some of the first things to understand include:

* The initial expense to buy a pet turtle is pretty cheap but you will need to seriously and regularly invest in providing the right kind of housing, bedding, terrain, food and veterinary care.

* The life of a turtle can extend to more than 25 years, depending on the species you go for. Well, you should also need to be able to care for the animal for that long.

* Turtles are highly sensitive to their environment and will constantly require a clean, well lit and warm habitat. This needs a dedicated amount of time spent on the upkeep every day.

* Turtles require daily care and cannot be left alone if you are planning on long trips. You should be able to arrange for something or someone in these situations, which will eventually come up.

* Turtles need hibernating and this requirement is quite different from other kinds of pets

* Lastly, to remain healthy, turtles will need a daily supply of fresh food – fruits, vegetables, insects and fish. You should be ready for this.

Not so cool facts about turtles as pets:

1.  Having a terrarium habitat with a couple of animals flourishing in it can be a rewarding experience. However, do understand that turtles don’t necessarily interact with their keepers. They might develop behavioral regularity they, won’t particularly interact like dogs or cats do.

2. Secondly, turtles always come across as an interesting pet initially, however, with time; they seem to lose their charm. This is especially true since the reptiles are demanding but will not be interestingly responsive.

All that said, you certainly do get to learn a lot about the animals and seeing your pet flourish is itself a positive activity.

Now that you know the advantages and limitations of having a turtle as a pet, it’s important to choose the right kind of species. Each species of turtle require different kinds of nutrition, housing, husbandry and veterinary care. It will be advisable to spend some time reading up about the kinds of turtles that you can keep and would be easily available. It will also be important to contact a vet who would be available in the neighborhood and also suggest you about the necessary setup.

Choosing the right species is as important as your decision about where you choose to buy the animal from. There’s a difference in captive bread and wild-caught animals, even in the same species. It is necessary that you know where it came from. Lastly, and more importantly, you should get attuned to the accessories that are necessary to setup or maintain a terrarium. Check out for all information on turtle accessories. 

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