"When we woke up Monday morning, there was Irma, still sitting on her nest, covered in broken tree branches and Spanish moss, but alive and unharmed, all 13 eggs still intact."

When a big storm rolls around, like the recent Hurricane Irma, it’s hard to see the wildlife out there without any real secure shelter.

But you also have to remember that wild animals have been fending for themselves forever. It may not always be the most pleasant thing, but their instincts will kick in and tell them where to go.

One Florida woman named Joy Anne Trent witnessed something truly amazing during Hurricane Irma.

Some Muscovy ducks live near her house, and one of them made a nest underneath one of the trees in her yard. Joy was worried about the feathered mama-to-be, whom she’d named Irma, so she made sure to keep an eye on her during the storm.

Joy was so impressed by Irma the duck’s motherly instincts that she simply had to post about it on Facebook and share the story with the world.

Joy wrote: This is ‘Irma’, she is one of the Muscovy ducks that hangs out in the ponds in front of, and behind our house in Plant City, Florida. About a month ago she laid 13 eggs at the base of the Live Oak tree in the front yard.

She usually gets on and off the nest multiple times a day to eat and drink. When I got up this past Sunday morning Irma was on her nest. The weather was already turning nasty with high winds and rain.

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