This is the moment a white wallaby was spotted hopping along a rural road in the dead of night - more than 10,000 miles away from its native home.

Julian Eley, 53, spotted the unusual marsupial while driving down a lane near the Essex/Suffolk border.

Despite it being pitch black, the wallaby - native to Australia and New Guinea, could be seen as clear as day hopping along the tarmac.

It is believed to have escaped from a nearby wildlife park, but experts claim it 'is not impossible' it could be living in the wild. Mr Eley said: 'I was just so shocked, it was really surprising.

'My wife wouldn't believe me, I took her down the road a couple of times but I couldn't see it anymore. 'Now I've got it on video, she believes me.'

Buggs, of Sudbury, Suffolk, managed to capture his astounding find in Foxearth on a dash cam.

Wallabys or macropods are relatives of the Kangaroo and usually only found on the other side of the world from England.

He added: 'I just took the missus to work at 8pm and then went to walk the dog. It's a nice drive down there with all the country roads. 'I knew there was something in the area and I saw something on my drive around there before.

'So I set my iPhone up on the off chance that I might see them and I just pressed record. 'There's more than one there, there's three that I know of. A couple of cyclists have said they saw two in a row.


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