Finn the goat is learning how to walk thanks to the creative genius of a volunteer with Goats of Anarchy.

Finn has a unique and great tool to help him out – a zip line. In this adorable video, you can see Finn is trying his absolute best to get his little legs moving in the direction of the treat at the end of the line. You have to admit, he does a pretty good job for a baby!

Goats of Anarchy is an incredible organization that rescues baby goats with special needs including those suffering from blindness, neurological disorders, amputees, birth defects, and abuse.

The goats are permanent residents of the sanctuary and get to live out their lives free, happy, and safe.

The sanctuary is home to over 50 goats and other animals including pigs, sheep, chickens, and a mini horse. Because of the lack of space, the non-profit has had to turn away animals in need- thus they are currently in the process of raising money to open another location.

Goats of Anarchy was voted the People's Voice Winner of the Animal Social Media category in the 2016 and 2017 Webby Awards.

They are home to over 50 goats, along with sheep, pigs, chickens, a mini donkey and a mini horse. Their main location is their personal home.

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