A 10-metre humpback whale remains trapped despite a rescue mission lasting more than six hours.

The whale, estimated to weigh about 30 tonnes, became trapped in lobster rope on Sunday morning just outside Fremantle Harbour.

In a natural attempt to escape, the animal breached and rolled, which tangled rope around its belly and mouth.

John Edwards, a senior marine operations officer for WA Parks and Wildlife told Daily Mail Australia the whale, whose gender is unknown, had two lines wrapped around its body.

Rope was able to be removed from its tail, but not its belly or mouth.

Mr Edwards says as the whale had broken away and daylight was fading, it was unlikely they would be able to save it.

While the whale would be able to survive for the coming weeks with the rope still attached, he said it could impact the whale as it grows.

'[The whale's immediate future - its next few weeks, are not an issue, but as it continues to grow, if the rope doesn't come off it will compromise the health of the whale,' he said.


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