The City of Stanford passed a proclamation Tuesday night, establishing a celebration to honor indigenous people during this year's Columbus Day.

The measure was passed by Stanford City Council with a vote of 4 to 1.

It's the first such proclamation passed in the state of Kentucky. Nearly 50 cities in 19 other states have passed similar measures.

“I mean, they were here before we were, folks,” said Mayor Eddie Carter. “They lived in this country 10,000 years before we got here, before Columbus came America.” "Columbus didn't discover anything"

Garner, who works for the Kentucky Heritage Council as a commissioner on the Native American Heritage Commission, said the governor recently signed a proclamation designating November as Native American month.

Garner said the nationwide movement to celebrate Native American history and heritage began in California and has slowly spread to several other cities across the United States.

Organizers are now planning the first Indigenous Peoples Day celebration in Kentucky to be held in conjunction with Columbus Day festivities in Stanford.

Columbus Day is celebrated nationally on October 9th.

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