It was supposed to be just an ordinary Thursday for a college student named Connor, but he ended up on a mission to save two doggies, Thelma and Hercules, from Hurricane Harvey.

“I didn’t really think — I just figured someone needed to help them,” Connor said

See, the 22-year-old, whose mother volunteers at a local rescue shelter, saw a post on social media about two dogs in danger. The foster parents of Thelma and Hercules were asking for someone to come and take the dogs to safety. That’s when Connor decided to make a road trip into the hurricane.

“I said why not? And jumped in my truck,” says the brave man, who wanted his last name to remain anonymous. He left Austin and headed straight to Corpus Christi to pick up Thelma and Hercules.

Connor accomplished his mission with great success and now a local animal shelter called Lucky Lab is calling him a hero.

“Connor saved the day, literally, by making a big sacrifice, dropping everything and driving four hours to an area about to get slammed by a hurricane,” writes the shelter.

“He is now inaugurated as a ‘rescue road warrior’ and we are forever grateful.”

More info: Lucky Lab Rescue

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  1. He's a true hero!

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