The therapy dogs help people realize they are not alone and to help calm them.

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in the U.S.’s deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas, therapy dogs are arriving en masse to comfort those in need.

Dozens of comfort dogs from all over North America are there to help lend their support. The dogs, from various charity groups, such as Lutheran Church Charities, are there to help people heal and raise their spirits.

They have begun visiting people all over the city. The dogs have been going in every day to the hospitals to visit victims and their families.

Rick Pollock, handler for LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Lois, explained to BBC that dogs like Lois are the bridges to establishing a connection with victims and to get people to start talking and let the healing in.

They explain further the importance of comfort dogs in the wake of mass shootings and disasters in the video.

Canines 4 Hope trains dogs to help people cope with PTSD and explains how the unconditional love that the dogs give help first responders and people process traumatic events without words.


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