Nubz, who is a Husky/Chow mix, lost two of his paws because his mom chewed them off in the puppy mill in Missouri where he was born.

'Puppy mills typically have a lot of caged animals. They don't' have a lot of access to moving around,' said Laura Magruder, veterinarian at Evergreen Veterinary Hospital in Salem.

A man from Oregon drove all the way to Pennsylvania to pick up his new two-legged dog. 'We don't know if it was the extra stress of the puppy mill or maybe she just wasn't ready to be a mom, but she ended up taking it out on her puppies unfortunately,' Magruder said.

Jim Havlinek drove across country from Salem to Philadelphia, which is about 2,900 miles, to pick up Nubz who is now 10-months-old. He said he was driving around 9 hours a day when him and Nubz drove back to Oregon from Pennsylvania. He said he started following Nubz when he was just two-months-old, according to KGW.

Havlinek couldn't control his excitement when he finally got to meet Nubz as he said: 'He's everything. He's more than what I imagined.'

'I just want to give him a good life,' he continued.

Every single day Havlinek has to attach two prosthetic feet to Nubz' back paws, which he's more than happy to do as he said: 'My life revolves around dogs'.

'Why not give a dog the opportunity to have the best life possible when they really deserve it. He deserves it,' Havlinek continued. Havlinek also has two other dogs Winston aka The Beast and Bailey. 'I think he’s [Nubz] going to do great. He has indomitable spirit. There’s nothing that’s going to hold him back,' Magruder said.


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  1. Jeana says:

    So did they close down the puppy mill? Release the stressed mother dog?

  2. Anonymous says:

    How wonderful this nice man adopted this lovely husky.

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