Eventually the bears did leave, but not before investigating the family's nice swimming pool

A California woman says a family of bears have visited her house three times in the past two weeks - once even coming inside. Cell phone video shows homeowner Jenny Mark’s husband trying to reason with the bear cub that had squeezed itself through a gap in her sliding door in an attempt to feast on cat food. Its mother and sibling waited just outside.

“We always leave our slider cracked open about five inches to let my cats go in and out,” Mark told KTLA. “We had a wood piece made to go in the bottom of the slider so you can’t get the door open — they managed to both squeeze in.”

Mark estimates the bear cubs weighed around 200 pounds. She said her husband tried to shoo them out, but they eventually left on their own. The Marks' neighborhood is no strangers to bear sightings.

“We actually are two very big animal lovers, so we realize this is their backyard and it’s very exciting to see them. I think the whole neighborhood feels that way,” Mark said.

But even for Mark, having the bear inside her home was nerve-wracking.

“Being in the house a bit of a different story, but luckily they didn’t do any damage,” she said.


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