Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things humans have to deal with in life. Considering elephants are known to be highly sensitive and emotional creatures, it’s no surprise that they grieve death much like humans do.

Elephants care deeply for their young, form long-lasting friendships, and are visibly upset when they lose a fellow elephant friend.

When Jokia, the elephant in this video, lost her best friend, Mae Perm, tears began rolling down her face and dripping from her trunk.

Despite being blind, Jokia knew that something was off when her best friend did not respond to her, hug, or kiss her, like she normally does.

Devastated, Jokia has spent every day since walking around the enclosure Mae Perm used to guide her through. The Save Elephant Foundation even reported that the emotional elephant has even been stopping when she smells where Mae Perm has peed and stops for a long time to mourn and express her sorrow.

We must remember each elephant has a unique story and is capable of the same emotional depth as humans. We’re glad that these two elephants had the opportunity, outside of captivity, to enjoy each other’s company and form a beautiful relationship.

We hope that time will help Jokia heal from this difficult loss and that one day she can open her heart to another friend!


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