A bobcat miraculously survived being hit by a car after becoming lodged into the vehicle's grill for 50 miles as the driver headed to work.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) said on Facebook that a woman was driving on Thanksgiving Day when she struck 'something'.

'When she parked at VCU she found that 'something' was a Bobcat still stuck in the grill of her car,' the center said.

Photos showed the terrified bobcat hanging in the grill of the woman's car. It's feet were dangling on the sidewalk when the woman made the shocking discovery.

A represtentative from the RACC and a police officer were then able to 'sedate and free' the bobcat from the car. The adorable creature was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for treatment and release.

'None of us can believe that this happened and that the Bobcat only suffered from a small scrape on his back.

'Proud and thankful for everyone that had a hand in saving this life today!' the RACC said on Facebook. Dr Alexa Ortiz, a veterinarian intern at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, told NBC that they haven't treated an adult bobcat at the center since 2011.

'She's very ferocious,' says Ortiz, adding that the animal should have suffered more than just a small wound on her back.

Representatives at the center said the 19-pound cat should have had broken bones and serious head trauma. The animal will not be returned to the wild until next month.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia said on Facebook that they were thankful for all of the people who helped to save the bobcat.

'Things we're thankful for: someone cared enough to call to get help for this Bobcat that was hit by a car.'


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  1. "Thew oman said she hit something"? Duh! It definitely was a miracle that beautiful bobcat survived. I hope she was charged with something for not stopping in the first place.

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