If the kayakers had not heard their cries for help, the six puppies would most certainly be drowned. Two kayakers were paddling on the Blackstone River in Massachusetts when they heard a whimpering sound coming from an old potato sack bobbing in the water.

They went to investigate, and to their alarm, found 6 puppies inside. The puppies were only one-week-old had had been tossed in the river to die.

“It’s unconscionable, you can’t imagine what’s going through my head as a police officer for 29 years, someone would do that, someone would take six fairly newborn puppies and discard them in a body of water,” said Uxbridge Police Chief Jeff Lourie. The puppies were taken to Uxbridge Animal Control, which right away put them on a special milk formula.

The department was soon flooded by calls from concerned citizens asking after the puppie’s welfare and whether they could adopt them.

“We are overwhelmed by the responses with regards to the puppies found yesterday, The Uxbridge Police Department wrote on Facebook. “We have such a caring and great community and we appreciate everyone’s outpouring support and concern for the puppies. In the interest of adoption, the puppies are not available for adoption at this time and therefore we ask to not contact the Uxbridge Animal Control Officer or the Uxbridge Police Department with regards to adoption.”

A few weeks on, and the puppies are doing well and continue to be well-looked after by the staff at Uxbridge Animal Control. The puppies are not yet ready for adoption, but should be around mid November 2017. Uxbridge Police Department is asking that interested adopters keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates as to when the puppies will be ready for adoption.

The UXPD also says that the investigation is continuing and that “the $5000.00 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for this unconscionable crime” is being offered.


Responses to "Kayakers See Potato Bag Floating In River And Hear Whimpering Puppies Inside"

  1. Unknown says:

    So sad hope they find the person that did this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine the trauma that poor mother went through when her puppies were taken.

  3. Unknown says:

    God bless the people who found them! The mother dog must be heartbroken. Please find the horrid person who did this!

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