A burrowing owl was photographed making an audacious attempt to put an American badger on its dinner plate.

It’s an animal that’s around double its size – and is easily capable of killing it. The brazen mission was carried out in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, as the badger approached its nesting site.

Claws out-stretched and eyes fixed on its prey, the owl swoops in. But the badger proved to be far too big and powerful for it and the owl flew off empty-clawed.

For those familiar with badgers, the outcome of the battle will come as no surprise

They are renowned for their sturdy frame, thick fur - and fearlessness. They’ve even been known to stand their ground against adult bears.

When threatened they don’t hesitate to bite and claw their attacker and sometimes release an unpleasant odour to further deter predators.

The diminutive burrowing owl, meanwhile, is far more suited to killing small rodents and insects. This one clearly had delusions of grandeur.

Responses to "Owl attempts to carry off badger twice its size in South Dakota"

  1. Unknown says:

    Burrowing owl...I bet the badger was looking for an easy meal of owlets and mama owl decided to protect the clutch.

  2. OK cool sequence did the owl survive.

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