In North America hundreds of thousands of wolves once roamed the landscape but because of human conflict, by the 1970s they were virtually exterminated from the U.S.

As a top line predator wolves play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, their presence is essential.

To help in the recovery of this iconic species Leonardo DiCaprio is supporting the work of Defenders of Wildlife and their effort to bring back the Mexican Gray wolf in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Over the past year because of their work with ranchers and other partners for the first time, the wild population reached a record 113 wolves, up from 97 during the previous year.

Leonardo DiCaprio has also partnered with the Pacific Wolf Coalition, a group of organizations who are working to further wolf recovery in California, Oregon and Washington. Once extinct from the region, there are currently 32 gray wolf packs in the Pacific Northwest.

And in early July it was announced by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife that three more wolf cubs have been found in western Lassen County, photographed while playing in front of a trail camera. This marks the discovery of a second pack which is a boost to their recovery in the region.

Both Defenders of Wildlife and the Pacific Wolf Coalition are proactively working with ranchers and other stakeholders to reduce wolf-livestock conflict and provide real and practical solutions so wolf populations can continue to grow and thrive.

Leonardo DiCaprio shares a vision with our partners whereby wolves wander the landscapes where they once existed and in doing contribute to healthy and balanced ecosystems.

Responses to "The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation stands up to protect American gray wolves"

  1. Unknown says:

    He is always doing amazing things for the environment and our planet! Thanks Leo!!!!

  2. hanne frederiksen says:

    pleaase continue to protect our wolves

  3. Thank you Leonardo and the LDC Foundation for your valuable contributions to saving endangered animals like the Mexican gray wolf!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. Maybe the powers that be will listen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for helping save and expand the population of this amazing & wonderful animal. And thank you for going public with your support which helps raise awareness of the issue.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, thank you. the world if full of greedy people, good that there are people like you that can make a difference. thank you thank you

  7. Unknown says:

    Thank you! I grew up with grey wolves on the landscape in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, yet they are so shy I never actually saw them. I could hear their beautiful nightly music, however. I love wolves---so much to admire about them besides their beauty and majesty. They are my spirit animal. It breaks my heart to see them and their pups hunted. I appreciate what you do.

  8. Unknown says:

    SUPER! Thank you for doing this for the Grey Wolves of the USA. Keep up this good work.

  9. Jelle van Oostrum says:

    SUPER! Thanx Ledonardo A great job doing this for the American GREY WOLF

  10. Bravo, bravissimo, Leonardo!

  11. Unknown says:

    Thank you so much. You are a true gentleman.

  12. Please team up with more worthy grey wolf protectors such as predator defense or western wild lands or center for biological
    Diversity or earth justice
    Defenders of wildlife take a lot of money on the backs of wolves and always take the compromise position that hurts wolves in The long run

  13. Thank you so much for doing this Leonardo. Wolves are something I am very passionate about. I think its awful what the government is letting people get by with killing these beautiful animals. I'm very proud that you have stepped up to help them. You are an amazing person and a wonderful actor. Heather Satterlee, Topeka, Kansas

  14. Unknown says:

    Save these beautiful intelligent creatures.

  15. This is an awesome thing he is doing as a human being . I am a wolf lover and have had the chance of a life time to own one of these beautiful creatures, they gave me a sense of protection without protecting they are a great companion for some people but as my Nanook grew he was very submissive and fell to murder when i was not home . He was 5 months old and very happy . To tell you the truth I'd do it all over again . I have been a avid wolf lover since i was 14 yrs old , Thank You Leonardo DiCaprio. You are doing a great thing .....I LOVE YOU FOR THIS AS DO OTHERS . I HOPE ONE DAY TO GET THE CHANCE TO OWN ANOTHER WOLF . I am a Breast Cancer Survivor andhad my spirit guide the white wolf of peace and serenity on my side during treatments . The wolf is my spirit guide and has been all my life . I'm hoping it will be a success in what your doing for these beautiful and mysterious creatures . Again I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR DOING EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS TO SAVE THEM !!!!!!-

  16. myra egan says:

    I so love what this man is doing. I only wish there were more like him. He uses his fame to help animals and the environment. Thank you Leo, you are so special. xxx

  17. Windmage says:

    Thank You for Caring enough about these Magnificent Creatures.

  18. Sandylee says:

    Bless You All for your support of these beautiful wolves who are very much needed for the echo system

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for helping these beautiful and intelligent creatures. Idaho and Washington are the worst offenders. The diamond M Ranch in Washington exterminated nearly 80% of the state’s wolf population. This horrible rancher has been grazing his cattle on public forest land baiting and killing any wolf that gets in his way. His ranch should be shut down.

  20. Unknown says:

    God Bless you Sir. Thank you so much a true gentleman and a hero

  21. Unknown says:

    Thank you for protecting the wolves - they need help. How about the Wild Mustangs in the west? Can you put your voice out there for them too? Please?

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