This is Miss Alicia. Alicia is a flying fox that was rescued in Queensland, Australia. She was hit by a car and in need of rehabilitation.

Nothing was broken and all four limbs are in working order. Alicia is expected to make a full recovery. Flying foxes have a diet of fruits, nectar and flowers. She sure does love bananas!

The young flying fox, lovingly named ‘Miss Alicia,’ was rescued in Queensland, Australia, after a scary encounter with a car left her in need of urgent care.

She was taken into the loving arms of bat conservationist Denise Wade (Batzilla The Bat), and is poised to make a full recovery with no major injuries sustained. She’s also still managed to look adorable as hell in the aftermath, if you haven’t noticed.

While little Miss Alicia was resting and recharging, swaddled in a cozy blue towel, Wade shot a video of her feeding time.

Given the fact that flying foxes have a known sweet tooth (their diet consists mostly of fruit and nectar), you can imagine how Alicia reacted when a fresh banana was presented to her.

You can see the panic in Miss Alisha’s eyes as she realises she’s gone for a bigger bite than perhaps she should have, and she pauses her chewing to turn to the camera with pleading eyes, before she somehow manages to eventually swallow it all.


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  1. Oh beautiful baby bat! So cute xxx

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