Last week MPs voted not to incorporate part of an EU treaty recognising that animals could feel emotion and pain into the EU Withdrawal Bill.

This sparked protest petitions and a celebrity-backed social media campaign. Politicians have been under fire after voting to leave an EU clause which says animals are sentient out of domestic law.

Reacting on Twitter, TV presenter Ben Fogle, who had been among those to criticise the government, said Mr Gove's announcement had brought "clarity at last".

World Animal Protection welcomed Mr Gove's statement and called for more details, as did Humane Society International UK director Claire Bass.

Ms Bass said: "Acknowledging that animals have the capacity to suffer and feel pain is absolutely fundamental to protecting them from harm, and we need a binding imperative enshrined in UK law that will hold government to account, ensuring that animal welfare is fully taken into account in all UK law and policy-making."

Now Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said the 'sentience of animals will continue to be recognised and protections strengthened when we leave the EU'.

British Veterinary Association senior vice president Gudrun Ravetz said she was "encouraged" but that clarity was needed on how legislation would capture the obligation the EU currently puts on governments to pay regard to animal welfare.

Responses to "UK Parliament 'to recognise animal feelings' after storm of criticism"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we just get this bunch of sadists out? Oh, we had our chance already, but as always, this country voted against its best interests. *sigh*

  2. >this country voted against its best interests.

    Why do you think that. We have massive Election Fraud in America. Are you actually certain that you have honest elections?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The test is to see if humans have feelings. If those that vote animals dont have feelings then that means the politicians dont have feelings, have a severe lack of empathy and are a possible sociopath. Its best to remove them from office.

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