“She was looking at the sunglasses and the chips. I was laughing so hard” “About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family”

Three weeks ago, a mother deer wandered into a Colorado store, and left Lori Jones with the most amazing up-close wildlife shots.

Jones, who works at Horsetooth Inn and RV Park in Stout, CO, said she was at the store when the mother deer waltzed in to check out the offerings. After perusing the sunglasses rack and the potato chips, Jones was able to “lure her outside with a peanut bar,” she told 9NEWS.

Jones thought that was the end of the curious deer, but she was in for a surprise.

Later, Jones was “in the office checking the store stock,” she wrote to 9NEWS. “I walked out and there she was with her twins and a lone buck that she nursed. I just used my phone to snap the pics.”

Jones said she “laughed so hard” seeing the inquisitive brood perusing the store. But between her laughs, she was able to snap some incredible close-ups of the deer mom and her babies.

Image credits: Lori Jones 

The four-legged customers probably aren’t that unusual for Jones – especially in a town that boasts an unofficial population of 47 1/2.

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    They could use some water..even food..lettuce etc.apples

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