A groomer had their own take on the traditional nativity scene when instead of using porcelain figurines, they posed dogs.

The display was the work of Jo Kingston, who owns Wags to Riches Pet Services of Leicestershire, England, as she posed six pups wearing towels as robes in a barn.

Inside the manger was the tiniest pup playing baby Jesus.

“I decided to stage the photo just for a bit of fun to bring Christmas cheer,” said Kingston, who owns the dog grooming business with her husband Toby.

She explained, from left to right, Bella, Daisy, Raffi, Barney, Buddy and Frankie only sat still for a couple of moments, and with the help of a couple treats.

“I [had] to take the picture quickly,” she said.

There are plenty of different takes on the Christmas nativity scene, but this might be the most adorable version yet!

The husband and wife team describe themselves as professionals in dog grooming, walking, home boarding and pet sitting and they created a similar scenario last year.

According to their Facebook page, Wags To Riches Pet Services is run by a husband and wife team, and they offer dog grooming, walking, home boarding and pet sitting services.

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  1. GwilymP says:

    Has religion gone to the dogs?

  2. Unknown says:

    ouaf ouaf wouah !

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