A Huntsville woman is receiving praise on social media after rescuing a dog abandoned by its owner.

Jasmine McMahon found the young female dog inside a crate, left on top of a snowbank at the Freedom Dog Park in Huntsville.

“At first I wasn’t sure if there was anything even in the crate, but she started to cry as soon as I got close up, and I could tell she was shivering,” McMahon tells CTV News Barrie.

McMahon brought the dog to the shelter in Bracebridge, and the OSPCA launched an investigation.

“The crate contained the dog, and she was wearing this grey and black fleece jacket. And there were also some dog toys, and there was a note left in the crate with her as well that says "need a better forever home”, says Inspector Natalie Rizzuti from the Ontario SPCA.

The dog was not wearing a collar, nor did she have a micro-chip.

Rizzuti says the OSPCA is looking for information about where this dog came from, and why she was left at the park.

Authorities are looking to speak with anyone who may recognize the dog, or even the jacket that she was wearing.


Responses to "Lonely dog left in dog park with note in the crate after being abandoned"

  1. Dina says:

    Aww, I will take her/him. How cruel.

  2. Unknown says:


  3. I don't understand some humans. Why not take her to local humane society? Thank goodness this woman found her.

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