This baby elephant fell into a well in Kerala, India. It's trumpeting woke up the villagers early in the morning.

The distressed mother and the rest of the herd stood nearby the well as rescue a team began to excavate around the trapped calf. Once free, the elephant ran to its mother.

Before running off into the forest, the mother turned toward the people and raised its trunk. In India, some believe that this is a thankful gesture of an elephant.

According to UPI, the young calf had accidentally fallen into the well the night before and struggled to escape the deep hole.

Luckily, a team of forest officials appeared to the scene around 7 a.m. and gathered equipment to free the anxious baby.

An excavator was used to dig out the well and created a pathway so the elephant can finally break free while its herd stood aside patiently waiting to be reunited with their little one.

The rescue mission lasted a total of five hours and soon, the calf was back in its family's love and care.


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    Beautiful! Good job rescuers! <3

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