One bald eagle has died and another is seriously sick due to lead poisoning after the two were rescued on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2017 in Greenbrier County

 Executive Director of Three Rivers Avian Center, Wendy Perrone, told 59BNews one of the eagles was found in the Alderson area and the second eagle was found in the Caldwell area. Tests showed both bald eagles had 65 percent of lead in their blood.

Perrone said the eagles are sick from ingesting dead carcasses contaminated with high levels of lead. She said this is due to ammunition made with lead used to kill animals.

Perrone said it's a problem throughout the U.S. - particularly in areas that have well attended hunting season including West Virginia. She said they're expecting to see a spike in bird deaths this year due to lead contamination.

One of the two eagles rescued had to be euthanized on Friday morning. Perrone said Three Rivers Avian Center is still working to save the second eagle through special treatments.

Perrone said hunters can help prevent this from happening by cleaning out their guns and using ammunition not made with lead.


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