One frigid winter day, a woman discovered a frozen bird in her yard while outside with her Yorkie. As she approached to see what was wrong, the concerned woman discouraged her curious dog, Lily, from getting too close to the ailing bird.

Admittedly not knowing what to do but afraid for the bird’s life, the woman first covered it with a blanket.

Next, she used her blow dryer to provide much-needed warmth. At first, the bird continued to appear lifeless. Slowly, however, it began to shiver and regain its mobility.

With the help of the blow dryer’s heat, the bird was soon able to flap its wings and walk. Eventually, it sprang fully back to life and flew away as its rescuer cheered excitedly.

While this heroic woman successfully saved the bird, it’s important to remember that life-saving measures are best left to trained experts — it’s far too easy to harm fragile animals, even when you’re trying to help. Wildlife rehabilitation services are state-regulated and can usually be found via a simple Google search.

If you find injured wildlife, research non-profit and government organizations in your area that are capable of assisting the animal.

For example, a search for help in New York leads to the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) website, which provides comprehensive information about how to report or assist injured wildlife in that region.


Responses to "Woman Saves Frozen Bird Found in Snow and Brings Him Back to Life "

  1. Isobael says:

    Not a baby bird. That's a European starling. Juvenile starlings don't have the speckles...they get darker and gain their speckles when they reach maturity.

  2. Earthgal says:

    Who cares if it's a baby or not. Fact is, she saved it's life. ♥

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