This is the moment three possums make an incredibly adorable sound while chewing on some berries in a laundry basket.

According to the page, the possums were rescued on April 19, 2016 and are not pets, rather 'educational animals'.

Possums spend the first four months of their lives in their mother's pouch. By the time they are six months old, the young possums live outside the pouch.

They are nocturnal and at least partly arboreal. Some of the smaller species are gliders. They have sharp claws and a keen sense of smell. They eat the leaves of trees, insects, berries and bird's eggs.

The first possums were brought to New Zealand in 1837 from Australia[1]. In New Zealand, possums have no natural enemies, so possum numbers increased quickly.

A study conducted by a University of Florida researcher traces the existence of opossums as far back as the extinction of dinosaurs.

Although many throughout North America refer to native opossums as "possums", the term "possum" technically refers to a classification of marsupials living in Australia, New Guinea and Sulawesi.


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