The cute little critter, estimated to be roughly a year in age, came right up to Kevin Estey’s patio door earlier this week in the Tantallon region of Nova Scotia.

 “[She was] roaming all over the deck, smelling everything, and stayed for about four minutes,”

"This is a yearling bobcat (born probably spring of 2017). We believe it's a female, but couldn't tell for sure. She came right to our patio door at lunch time, roaming all over the deck, smelling everything, and stayed for about four minutes.

She is not alone. Mama and big brother or sister have been seen around our neighbourhood all fall, and we saw mama ourselves in the trees one evening at sunset. She was too quick to get a photo.

FOr those that have asked or suggested: baby is not limping, just pacing and was switching feet on that one photo. They have been prowling around our house for some time now, our kitty sits in the window all the time all hours of the day watching and meowing.

We don't think they are starving by any means. We have a large flock of pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunk, and all sorts of birds that frequent our back yard, so they were either prowling for their next wild dinner, or kitty cat stew.

Photos Source Kevin Estey 

We live right next to 500 square kms of wilderness, lakes and wildlife near Tantallon (around the corner from Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada). Wildlife is in our yard all the time, so we were not surprised, but delighted by the VERY RARE opportunity to get this video and pictures. It's not often they are so photogenic.

Thank you everyone for sharing. I'll post more pictures and videos if I see them again." Estey wrote in a Facebook post 


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