There is an amazing story of survival thanks to volunteers up and down the state of California.

Last month, some good Samaritans found a strange looking creature in a dumpster.

It turned out to be a female California black bear cub, but she was suffering from serious mange and had lost most of her fur, so she was almost white.

A concerned animal lover took the cub to the Bear League in Lake Tahoe where she got a week of emergency medical care that saved her life.

Then volunteers for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife drove the cub to a licensed bear facility called "The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center" in San Diego County.

She arrived on Christmas Eve and has been eating well and putting on weight. The cub is about a year old.

Photos: Fund for Animals Wildlife Center 

The team said there's a very good chance her fur will grow back and she'll be released back into the wild, but it will likely take many months.

If you would like to help support this cub and other wildlife in need, here are the links to The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center and the Bear League.

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