Wisconsin legislators have proposed legislation (LRB 3737/1) to end the state's protection of wolves and force police to ignore the killing of wolves.

 This action, whether passed or not, signals to wolf haters across Wisconsin that they can poach wolves without penalty.

"They are depredating our deer population, killing livestock and attacking family pets," the bill's authors said in a memo to their colleagues seeking co-sponsors for the bill.

Claim: “Wolves are killing our pets.”

Fact: One pet was killed this year. Seventeen hounding dogs were killed by wolves protecting themselves during the bear hunt, in which hunting with dogs is allowed.

Claim: Tiffany claims wolves are “depredating our deer population.”

Fact: According to the DNR website, “CWD is fast spreading in the deer herd in Wisconsin: During the past 15 years, the trend in prevalence in adult males has risen from 8-10 percent to over 30 percent and in adult females from about 3-4 percent to nearly 15 percent.”

Claim: Tiffany and Jarchow claim that “wolves are killing livestock.”


• According to the Department of Agriculture, wolves “may” be responsible for 0.002 percent of livestock deaths pre-slaughterhouse for human consumption. Ninety percent die due to health issues and poor husbandry.

• In Wisconsin in 2017, the 26 confirmed wolf/livestock depredations were 0.000015 percent of the 1,549,000 beef and dairy cattle in the state.

• The Dec. 18, 2016 Madravenspeak column “Leaked emails show hunters want to wipe out Wisconsin wolves” covered studies by biologist Adrian Treves of UW-Madison, and his video “Predator Control Should Not Be a Shot in the Dark.”

URGENT ACTION ALERT: It will take a public outcry to save wolves. Please contact your own Wisconsin legislators via this action alert

Responses to "New bill proposes complete eradication of wolves from Wisconsin"

  1. Sandy says:

    Save the wolf, you need them for your ecosystem, your rivers. You get rid of the wolves, your state will become nothing. Check out how Yelloewstone flourished after the wolves were brought back. Wisconsin are you dumb or just plain stupid!

  2. Me says:

    Eliminate the wolf and you upset the balance of the nature of the land. What they prey on multiplies, changes the vegetative landscape. The ripple effect will affect all life in the area.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are a very important part of the eco system if you need reminding do your research very scary you don't know this so busy killing the world

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wisconsin must be full of morons who are scared of the dark. You think Wolves are a problem they are nothing compared to all your farm pollution, industrial waste and politicians looking the other way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Celestial Wolves need to live on the Planet. Save the Wolves. Wild life areas for the existence of Life on the Planet. SS.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Joy Satchell says:

    Do not kill the wolves. The ecological system benefits when wolves are part of it.
    It is just ignorance to kill them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you extinct the wolf and other apex predators, eventually, you extinct the human race as well !!!

  9. garyfb says:

    Do notkill wolves, you have no right.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wolves be! Killing is never the answer.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Unknown says:

    An unnecessary law being written by unknowledgeable individuals that have no concern for the outcome of it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We have to work together!!! They deserve to live on this Earth too! They have a Right to have families too! We can live on this Earth together,we have to save our National Parks, Forests, and public lands open so our Wildlife have places to live!! We can't take that a way from our Wildlife!

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is no reason for doing this! What a bunch of barbarians! Those that do this or want this are serial killers! Serial killers start out like this then move on to people. Anyone voting for this bill,or endorses it in any way,should be considered as a serial killer! None of those voting or endorsing this bill should NOT be elected to anything, anywhere, forever!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Animal Rights Must Become the Highest Priority Now In This World
    That's why this old corrupt and sick world absolutely must be brought to an end. Allowing this to continue is allowing breeding more and more serial killers and psychopaths by the minute. Animal Rights must become the highest priority now in the world and people must rise altogether and stand up for this, for the sake of the Animal Kingdom and for the sake of our own Self-Defense, our Children and Grandchildren.

  16. When the tick that hangs out with deer bites you and you develop lyme's disease remember that deer could have been eaten by a wolf. Wolves prefer deer. There is a reason why they are fruitful and multiply. But then I guess when the wolf is gone and you start complaining about the deer eating your garden and you will start killing them off

  17. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wolves alone. The majority of people are for protections for the wolf. The wolf is good for the eco system. Don't let a couple of wolf haters try to pass laws that are devastating to the wolf. Educating yourself on the facts is key in defense of the wolf.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Totally insane. Do not eradicate or eliminate any �� wolves. Stop being stupid.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Never should Wolf extinguished !!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Save the wolf they are loyal and the keep the balance in nature without them the whole ecosystem would collapse see the results of reintroducing the wolf to yellowstone

  21. Anonymous says:

    This decision is based on pure ignorance. Wolves are a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem. Science is hard, but it would be great if reputable ecologists would take the time to explain to you, in terms that even you would understand, why indigenous predators like the wolf are NECESSARY. If you have difficulty in understanding this concept, then understand this: these animals are indigenous, and are part of what makes this country beautiful. They belong in America!!

  22. Barbara Baggs says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Never that I am aware of has a species been so persecuted for just being....we need to readjust the balance to live with these beautiful animals....value them and educate those who actually believe the little red riding hood story.or those that use fear to's time to emerge from the dark ages and allow all to live in peace...the wolves are extraordinary and we humans could learn much from them

  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Unknown says:

    evil; pure and simply; wolves are part of the world and our ecosystem......they need to survive and humans should be protecting them

  26. Unknown says:

    First we wipe out the Wolves then what's next the Bears then last but not least the Deer!

  27. Unknown says:

    No surprise from a state that has voted for Scott Walker. Just how ignorant can you get?

  28. Unknown says:

    I live in the UK, we watch what is going on in the US with horror. What on earth has happened to common sense and humanity, you need the wolves. Why are there so many blood thirsty killers that just want to destroy everything, it is so sad. People need to stand up and protect the wolves, they are beautiful creatures, the clearly have more morality and humanity than the gun crazy lawmakers.

  29. Gynette Cathey says:

    You are useing absolutely no reason here. Wolves are vital to healthy ecosystems. This has been PROVEN REPEATEDLY by science. Not one person seeking this bill passage has any background or knowledge of science or ecosystems . Your deer population is overrun with CWD. Hounds trained to maul and destroy wolves in hunt have been killed by wolves trying to defend themselves against attacks by many dogs at once. These are not pets. They are kept only to kill and are replaced monetarily by the government. Stop these unreasonable attacks on wolves and wildlife.

  30. Unknown says:

    Stop the killing!Ever hear the word boycott? I swear will check your state's dairy brands and find alternates!

  31. Unknown says:

    You cannot terminate the lives of wolves. These animals serve a very unique and specific role in development and balance of the ecosystem. The wolves function serves as a catalyst to the development of its surrounding environment and other wildlife.

  32. Unknown says:

    You Can't exterminate all the wolves without living to regret it. Wolves are Very important to our eco-system. Wolves also help eliminate rodents that carry several diseases that will kill a LOT more than a couple cows. Plague and Wasting disease will eventually kill all people around. Check your science and read up on the seriousness of Plague and Wasting Disease.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Why are you doing this? Who paid you to do this? Cattle farmers? Total destruction of our environment for the benefit of a few. We can't wait to vote you out!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Leave the Wolves alone! I'm sick and tired of this damn Government we have, all they want to do is kill our wildlife for pleasure!!!! I think you all better get educated about Wolves!! but all you people want is money, that's all it's about!

  35. I am grateful for every person commenting here against the eradication of wolves. All of you are right. I wish there were more people like you. Humans are destroying the balance of nature for greed. Remember what George Carlin said? "Someday the Earth is gonna shake us off like a bad case of fleas and keep right on going."

  36. Cheryle says:

    Breaks my heart to hear of this. Wolves are beautiful animals, and they do not hurt anyone unless they are threatened. Leave the wolves alone, don't kill them, we need them. They were here long before we were, this is their land, their country, show them the respect they deserve.

  37. sharon says:

    write and dont vote these congress people back into off. make your voice heard

  38. Please is there no petition that we all can sign can these politicians let this happen its totally unimaginable. .m sure if petition is started it will get a huge support...i am from india..

  39. Anonymous says:

    Are they fkn stupid

  40. Big Mamma says:

    For how long are we to continue allowing special interest groups, in this situation--hunters, to rule the land? Things like this should be put up to public vote and not be controlled by special interest groups that do not equate the majority of our people, nor by lobbyists or corporate agendas either.

  41. Fishyphil says:

    If I remember correctly, they eliminated the wolves there a long time ago. Result: the deer multiplied rapidly and wound up eating all the grass, and starving to death in the winter!!! Starvation is a worse death!
    Yellowstone went through this same thing! Screwed up the whole biome! They, too, brought them back!!! Moral of the story, don't mess with mother nature!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Unknown says:

    Don't do it.

  43. Unknown says:

    Without Wolves you have a diminished and damaged ecosystem. I am not surprised to hear this horror story.With a President who thinks that climate change is a joke and trophy hunting is just fine you really are up against it. I hope there will be a change soon.

  44. Unknown says:

    Hey Wisconsin, you like selling your cheese, motorbikes, and Miller Beer? Yeah, I thought so.
    Pass a law killing all your wolves and we’ll make a point not to buy ANYTHING from Wisconsin.

  45. Dave says:

    Wolves were here first & if these people can not protect their livestock they shouldn't have any!

  46. Maija Deksne says:

    This is barbaric! And absolutely WRONG

  47. Sharon says:

    This is so so sickening to read. Why oh why would any person with blood running through their veins even contemplate this.

  48. How about we eradicate all politicians from Wisconsin there are too many idiots trying to make rules!!!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    So hunters claim we have to kill the wolves because they kill too many deer, then claim we have to kill the deer because they are too overpopulated. Sounds almost like someone has crafted the perfect cycle to satisfy their bloodlust. Do you seriously believe the earth can continue to sustain life being while being treated this way? Or do you just not care because 'you won't be here'? Grow up. Leave nature alone.

  50. What the hell is wrong with ignorant people! Eradicate them selves! How about they move out to a city where they can find real things to cry and complain about. Save the wolves lose the ignorant!

  51. Unknown says:

    Why can't all wolves b brought to some kind of sanctuary where they can live in peace! They have every right to live just as any other animal or human. They r only acting on instinct. Its not fair to kill them because of what they do. Please stop killing them SAVE them!

  52. Natalie Sims says:


  53. Unknown says:

    Is this is real?? Why the fuck would you want to eradicate such an amazing creature. Maybe the people of Wisconsin believe in fairy tales!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are needed for the ecosystem. Gosh, just ask some scientists. Get the facts, they are not killing pets. They are not killing tons of livestock. They only kill for survival and that is 0.002%. The wolves are an asset you must keep them.

  55. Anonymous says:

    It was originally intended for wisconsin to hold roughly 700 wolves. Id be willing to bet there are over 3000 in the state. Irradicate no but the population needs to be kept in check.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahahaha....keeping their population in check?!?! What about ours??? We are leaving animals with barely any land to live on but yet they are the problem?!?!

  57. How can they even think about doing this! Wolves are amazing creatures, I had the privilege and fortune of visiting a wolf sanctuary earlier this month, Shy Wolf Rescue in Naples, FL, and to pet a couple of would-dog hybrids. What are they doing? How can people be so IGNORANT!!! they are an essential part of the eco system.

  58. Anonymous says:

    As someone from Wisconsin I think each of you should include country and city that you live in so we can send these wolves your way. As far as facts go young male wolves will kill just for the sport of it and not for something to eat. Wolves can be cold blooded killers. Would be more than happy to send some your way!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Take a breath, calm down, and realize this is a fake story. There is no bill to eradicate wolves in Wisconsin. If you believe there is, search out the bill number in the state legislature.

  60. Unknown says:

    Every one knows at this time there is only one
    dangerous white wolf in this country... He is in
    Washington DC these days

  61. Wolfpack says:

    Animal rights sensationalism designed to pull money out of people's pockets. It'sb.s. Wolves will continue to thrive. They just need state management to get numbers down closer to goals.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Blatant lies. Shall we look at them one by one? Wolves don't kill pets... only those evil hunting dogs. Well Sherlock, hunting dogs are pets. Next up deer depredate the deer herd. Enter stage left CWD. Perhaps you should overlay a map of wolf territories with CWD territories... oh look NO OVERLAP. BUT if you compare gun hunting statistics to wolf numbers and do the math of even 20 deer per wolf which is the accepted low end of the scale you'll find that in five counties in WI wolves kill more deer than gun hunters. And since there are 1000 wolves, that's 20,000 deer per year... now compare that number to the northern forest unit deer numbers. Oh gee, I guess the wolves ARE decimating the herd aren't they. Oh and as for killing livestock... yes they're killing livestock and I AM PAYING FOR IT with hunting licenses. Yes the hunting license $$$ that USED TO go for habitat management now pay off wolf depredation claims. Look up the total claims for WI. How is that wolf helping your environment now? It's not that wolves are "bad." But three times the carrying capacity for the state is bad and it needs to change. Snow shoe hare are gone. Beavers. Gone. Trout streams are now taking a toll because of that. Anyone who actually pays attention and spends any time outside should be ashamed that some ridiculous court regulated wildlife management AGAINST the recommendations of wildlife biologists.

  63. sharon says:

    the wolves at this time are few, state management is corrupt, big money controls the states. how about we have people we vote in to a special commitee that controls our wildlife, if they do poorly we fire them and vote in someone else until we have honesty towards our wildlife.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Americas corporate livestock and farming organizations are way too greedy not to mention cruel to their livestock, they are forced to breed, so there is an over-population of livestock like cattle. Meanwhile wolves are being hunted to down in their own persevered "protected" habitat by trophy poachers, and it is somehow a grave "crime" for a wolf to kill and eat some chickens or cows, sheep, etc... wolves need their protein probably more than humans do since wolves are more carnivorous species than humans. Meanwhile they are building roads so more deer are being killed in the streets, why? because they are killing off the wolves. They are killing off deer to because they are an easier target.

  65. Unknown says:

    Life is precious and deserve to be treated as such . Stop it,,, or Karma may have its way with you and it won't be pretty ...

  66. Please don't kill anymore wildlife of. Wolf,s play a very important role in our eco system. We all are here on earth down to a very fine line of ego system genocide. All wolf's play a very important role once again !. Government need to stop playing god with our wildlife and environment. And right away need to start before we lose everything sustainable ways to live.

  67. Unknown says:


  68. Anonymous says:

    If you learn to hotel like wolves then they won't be near your property as they think it's another pack get it right edjits

  69. Unknown says:

    Les loups sont indispensables à l équilibre de la nature. Merci beaucoup de ne pas les tuer je vous en supplie

  70. Anonymous says:

    For all of you commenting about look what happened in Yellowstone when wolves were introduced there, that does not work here in Wisconsin. In Yellowstone there is no hunting. The ecosystem is allowed to flourish naturally. The circle of life flows naturally. The food chain of command keeps populations under control. None of that applies here with wolves. We have hunters, farmers, deforestation, and many other things that take away from animal populations. We have human population. There are none of these things in Yellowstone. I dont understand how none of you can see this or stop a moment and think about that. PMany people in Wisconsin hunt for food. As well as all over the midwest. If wolves are killing all the deer and other game to survive, what does that do to deer and other animal populations so your wolves can all live here and continue to grow in population? Do I think every one of them should be killed? No. But I understand the need to thin them way down.

  71. Unknown says:

    please, everyone must fight to stop this Ecocide and Genocide of Native Wildlife, it will not stop at this,we need to fight these murdering criminals, get them out of Government and put real people, real citizens in their place that no the Value of Nature, wildlife, animals and that know the true value of Wolves.I beg everyone to help me fight to save and protect, all animals, and nature, if you can and if your in the area try to save these wolves in a Sanctuary.

  72. Unknown says:

    Wolves have a place on earth,to kill them off is cruel and wrong.Leave them alone.

  73. They were there first . Humans are ignorant and self absorbed fools. That is killing nature

  74. Unknown says:

    Human is the worst monster.

  75. Bill Cary says:

    The people promoting this stupid legislation need to stop currying up to the defeated governor. Remember he never finished college and hates science just like the president. Hopefully there are enough legislators with some scientific knowledge to stop this.

  76. Unknown says:

    You have NO RIGHT to exterminate a naturally occurring native species to your state! Doing so will throw off the natural predator/prey balance; and result in a cascade effect of ungulate overgrazing/starvation; and disease-- you fools.

  77. Unknown says:

    This idiot needs to be fired!!! Another animal to add to the list then of endangered species to satisfy some macho gun toting idiot! This will eventually have counter reactions to natures balance Nay Nay Nay to that idea!!! Leave the poor animals alone!!!

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. Unknown says:


  80. Anonymous says:

    JUST another way man is screwing with nature. Do your research.

  81. This just doesn't agree with Gods plan.We need the animals as much as anything else.

  82. GDL-IT says:

    What is wrong with the petition link? It doesn't work.

  83. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. That idiot in the Oval Office wants to kill off everything he can fine. The wolves are a species that we NEED to protect. We could lose them. This is beyond evil, and monumentally stupid. You don't eliminate species -- unless you're a disgusting, mentally-deficient, like the president of the united states (small, u, small s.) THESE WOLVES are part of our ecosytem. Take them out, and it will fuck up all SORTS of stuff. What kind of EVIL people want eradicate a whole species? DO NOT DO IT. Trump should be REMOVED from office for killing a species. THis is so disgusting I can't even contemplate it. Trump needs to go, NOW.

  84. Unknown says:

    Wolves have every right to be here!! Protection of wolves is mandatory!

  85. Smoke a pack a day baby!!! I'll gladlet help....till the last howl is drowned by barking dogs.....where do I sign up

  86. Unknown says:

    Please save our wolves, they are so vital and I don't understand why? What will be next? Killing all the bobcats, bears, mountain lions, where will it stop? Wolves are essential to our ecosystem and they take the sick, weak and old. This is a natural occurrence in nature. Please protect our wolves. #ISTANDFORWOLVES #BANGRAZINGALLOTMENTS #BANBOBFERGUSON.

  87. Unknown says:

    This is despicable. Wolves have every right to be here. When will be stop playing God and eradicating any species we feel like? Disgusting.

  88. Unknown says:

    this is not fair! humans have no rights to kill any animal in our world! they have the same rights to stay on earth like us! why is it possible in the 21 century to to give humans right to decide that?? we dont want wolves to be killed - leave them alone in freedom!

  89. Peggy says:

    How would you feel if we were to kill your whole blood line? They have been here for longer then we have its time to respect nature not kill it!

  90. A-Michele says:

    Where’s the petition this has to stop now it ain’t right or good for anything there has to be a better solution

  91. Anonymous says:

    They need to leave the wolves alone and let them live. #BANHUNTING

  92. TIL: Wisconsin ranchers, rather than admit their awful methods of livestock husbandry are causing them to lose cattle (because they are trying to be cheap bastards), are going to blame anyone or anything else for their woes.

    Yep, sounds like conservative America all right.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wolves alone.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Humans have caused enough death on this planet. Enough is enough, let the wolves live! This planet is their habitat too, and they have every right to be here.

  95. Unknown says:

    The result will be that the forests will be denuded. You cannot remove one species. There is a balance in nature.

  96. Anonymous says:

    We need to save the wolves and make sure that they don't become extinct. We need them to keep our elk, dear and other animals in check. Without the wolves they will reproduce until they are eating all the vegetation. Please Stop hurting and killing of innocent wolves. Stop ranchers from cattle grazing on PUBLIC LANDS! They get compensated by the government. There are reports of some ranchers lying about their losses. There are other ranchers who are on board with reintroduction. They are willing to work with fish and wildlife. Please don't let our wolves dye. They are NOT TROPHIES.

  97. No all hunters hate wolves and want them all exterminated, just because they will not tolerate anything that competes with them for prey species. There are many hunters who are environmentalists, who support wolf conservation, and respect wolves and other predators as part of the ecosystem!

  98. HElen says:

    Mother Nature was balancing well all predators and preys , one thing she can not get rid of morons, stupidity and ignorance of humans including humans. We will destroy this planet unfortunately sooner than later, while money dictate the law, and to closing an eyes on everything. Disgusting.

  99. Unknown says:

    Leave the wildlife alone..wolves, bears,, prairie dogs, stray cats...whales, is like everything in site and cause a blight on the land...

  100. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are a vital part of nature. They help to control over population and remove weak/sick animals from herds. Please don't wipe them out. They are truly needed in the wild!

  101. Mickey says:

    Why would you wipe out a species that does so much for the echo system??? That's insane...

  102. Anonymous says:

    wipe out the human race way much better leave the nature alone!!

  103. Unknown says:

    Predators are part of a healthy ecosystem. Please save them so future generations can know the beauty of nature.

  104. Unknown says:

    Leave the wolves alone! Quit killing animals!

  105. Anonymous says:

    I massively dislike 90% of humans. they destroy everything.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Build a wall. Make the wolves pay for it.

  107. What happened in Wisconsin? Seems like everyone lost thier mind. I am not visiting anymore until I see some real changes. Not a dime for Wisconsin.

  108. Unknown says:

    do not be so brainless, get some brains and realize these animals are necessary in nature.

  109. souixs says:

    The wolves need to be protected , they are not responsible for the made up allegations against them. Stop this stupid law now!!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Just declare open hunting season on any idiot found killing wolves. NO questions asked, just execute them. they will get the message REALLY fast. Just get a gun and shoot them dead or better yet, beat them to death with a baseball bat and hang a message around their corpse that anyone poaching or killing wolves will get the exact same!

  111. I guess that means they'll have to get rid of their politicians too!

  112. Georgie says:

    I am really pleased to see all the comment from "loving" people who care more abut LIVING CREATURE, in this case the wolves, than being hateful or greedy for money !!!. It appears it the SAME OLD CONSPIRACY fROM THE LEGAL KILLERS !!!. LIE, CORRUPTION, DECEIT to legally kill wolves for really their OWN KILLING !!!. The ranchers MURDERED 1,549,000 MILLION CATTLE, and the WOLVES ONLY KILLED 26!!! and the damn LEGAL CATTLE KILLERS, said the wolves are killing their livestock !!!, They killed 1,523,000 cattle, but the STINGY, GREEDY DISGUSTING human BITCHES and cry the wolves are KILLERS !!!!. These humans are total DISGRACE to our species... I believed they must been CREATED BY SATAN .

  113. Unknown says:

    If the wolves are gone, so is the environment in your will destroy it forever.You will also lose a fortune in tourist dollars from wolf lovers of the world.we dontd forgot or forgive the murder of creatures so dear to our hearts.

  114. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe this. Do they know what wolves are doing FOR us. In yellow stone they were no wolves for a while and that did not help the environment but know that there are its gorgeous. Do they want what happened to yellow stone to happen to them.

  115. Come on people....Hunters are not serial killers. They are obeying the law by not killing the wolves. They are petitioning the government so that they can do it legally. I'm not for killing wolves, with the exception of the wolves who are preying on your livestock or pets. I want no hunting season on wolves period, but lets not go to extremes. Hunters are not serial killers!!!!!!!

  116. Anonymous says:

    Are you fkn kidding me. Wolves are needed to help keep yhe ecosystem in balance. If your dog is getting killed because it's on a bear hunt with you, THEN BE FKN SMART AND DON'T BRING YOUR DOG. Wolves are territorial creatures yhey will defend their pack and land from threats like a dog hunting. wolves are killing all the deers, THE ONLY GO AFTER THE SICK AND WEAK ONES SO THE GROUP IS CAPABLE OF SERVIVING THE NEXT GENERATION. Great look of that us yellowstone mational park. Deers was overrunning it. Causing the much needed animals to leave since there was no tall grass to hind in, the deers where either starving or bei g over hunter BY PEOPLE. Not to mention the water was all over the place no stream or small lakes. When they brought in 14 wolves all that got reversed and seeing how it is today. SO GOD FKN SAKE LEARN TO LIVE WITH THE ANIMALS AND QUITE TRYING TO FK THE ECOSYSTEM THAT WE OURSELVES NEED TO LIVE.

    Ps for all the fkn farmers out there saying wolves are killing their cattle and such. Look into some damn GUARDIAN DOGS the act like a pack and can be trained to protect the heard. Also bring them in the damn barn at night and not leave roaming around. THAT IS HOW YOU LEARN TO LIVE WITH THEM

  117. Unknown says:

    Why not eradicate the people so wolves can have there
    Space back,...

  118. more stupid f*cking does.

  119. Annette says:

    This is ridiculous. God created all creatures and they have just as much right as any. I'm so sick of people wanting to try to get rid of wolves every time you turn around.

  120. Anonymous says:

    This makes me so angry...Humans suck.

  121. Anonymous says:

    This will destroy the local and surrounding ecosystem!

  122. Hagfan says:

    It's normal for people have this reaction to a bill like this. Wolves have their place just like everything else. The problemis the WIDNR lying to the public about the wolf kills & lying about the numberof wolves in WI. Hunters know whats happening. Farmers know whats happening. Pet owners know too. Two things Wi needs, well..three things..Fewer wolves, more logging & a more honest dnr.

  123. Madmax says:

    Save the wolves, without them, you will destroy the eco system, then you will have problems big time, so it's a must to save them

  124. This has to stop and stop now . These animals are important to this planet and to the people who love and respect them

  125. Rose says:

    God made everything for a reason. Man is destroying earth. What will be left for future generations? We are worse than any animal.

  126. Unknown says:

    Humans have always had to be killing something. History reads like a constant war on anything that breathes, be it man, or animal. In today's world man has a real problem with finding the spirit living with all his fellow members of Planet Earth.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable. Shame on WI legislators! Hopefully WI residents will vote these morons out.

  128. Absolutely rodiridicu.... I think the human world has killed off enough lives, animal and human aloke, the wolves are spiritual creatures and belong here more then we do

  129. Unknown says:

    How to protest this atrocity? Where isthe Petition to sign? Where to send it?

  130. Unknown says:


  131. I couldn't think of a bigger issues we have don't we have a big ass cougar issue up north I remember two cases of cougars being on the news ones if anything you should get rid of those but by relocation Jesus Christ why just kill them relocate the Fuckers capture and release! It makes zero sense to just kill off an entire population entry one of the biggest wolf populations? You're practically talking about killing off 25% of the wolf population in general possibly by eliminating them from Wisconsin

  132. I did not pay to support wolves on a license plate for years just very stupid people to go hunting on I do feel bad for your pets I do feel bad for your livestock but if anything less it should be a capture and release relocation program if we had to get rid of them from Wisconsin it shouldn't be open season that's just a little messed up they just got off the extinction list and you're talking about putting them back on

  133. Anonymous says:

    Leave the wolves alone!

  134. Save the wolves, exterminate people who support hunting species to extinction for some deranged gratification or profit.

  135. Save the wolves. They have such great benefits to nature. If you kill wolves you are part of what's wrong with this world.

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