Conservative Sen. Lynn Beyak has been removed from all Senate committees, a week after a series of controversial remarks about First Nations people came to light.

 “Do not back down, the Indians, First Nations or whatever they want to be called have milked this issue to their decided advantage,” reads one letter dated Mar. 30, 2017.

“The handouts have taken their people nowhere, and their constant backward-looking mentality serves no useful purpose,” states another, dated Mar. 10, 2017. “Aboriginals seem to be well schooled in getting media pity and they have become very good at getting media coverage.”

“I’m no anthropologist but it seems every opportunistic culture, subsistence hunter/gatherers seeks to get what they can for no effort. There is always a clash between industrial/organized farming culture that values effort as opposed to a culture that will sit and wait until the government gives them stuff.”

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer said he demanded that Beyak remove the content from her website, but she refused. Scheer’s statement continued, “To suggest that indigenous Canadians are lazy compared to other Canadians is simply racist.”

“As a result of her actions, the Conservative Senate Leader Larry Smith and I have removed Senator Lynn Beyak from the Conservative National Caucus,” Scheer said. “Racism will not be tolerated in the Conservative Caucus or Conservative Party of Canada.”

Sen. Smith added in a separate statement that the matter was now considered closed, and that he would not be making further comment.

Responses to "Senator removed from all Senate committees after racist remarks about indigenous people"

  1. I am First Nations "or what ever we call ourselves these days". Yes she should have been removed. I find her comments thoughtless, graceless, and impertinent, not to mention brash, heedless,and tactless. I wish more people would think before they speak. OR just "think" if this makes any sense to you.

  2. Unknown says:

    I would just tell her to go back to wherever her ancestors (boat people) came from where she can be among her own kind.

  3. Unknown says:

    Remember that the Cons didnt push for her removal at first, until public pressure started noticably increasing. Remember that at the polls in your own riding, This is what the Cons stand for. Vote them out, Canada-wide.

  4. Please note, this is a Conservative Canadian Senator, not one of ours or even like-minded with our conservatives in the USA.

  5. Unknown says:

    people should be investigated before putting them on a pedestal to vote for. she speak of fork tongue and is no good for Canada. Send her bk to where her people came from.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She speaks from the Status of the Privileged. She believes she is untouchable. Her comments were deplorable and it took a long time to remove her. How sad it took so long to remove her from her pedestal

  7. Unknown says:

    Good riddens to Racism shouldn't be tolerated anywhere for anyone...

  8. Anonymous says:

    She is a carrier of the infectious parasitical mind-virus called WETIKO... aka toxoplasmosis... and racism is an expression of it.

  9. Unknown says:

    every man woman and child has privlage stop letting these rasict control what is yours as well. thank you for giving her the boot. all indigenous people need to unite and correct these types and only them then rebuild with folks that are decent humble and kind

  10. Unknown says:

    Good I am glad she was removed , one down and many more to go especially in United States government we have the freedom of speech and we use it no more crap get rid of the Republicans in number 45 he's destroying Mother Earth.

  11. Unknown says:

    We as native American have to struggle way to much,the oil and gas companies are laying pipelines thru many native lands it's not there's too do so water is life we have too protect mother earth A'HO

  12. Leigh306 says:

    Mary E Frogge: What do you mean, "not likeminded in the US"? What, in the US we don't have this racism? Like Chris Rock said in the 1990s, how many Native American families do you see at Red Lobster? Right! NONE. The racism is so deep, you are not even ALLOWED to see the Native Americans. They are internment camps.

  13. What’s interesting to me why as a elected official she had the right to speak this Hate because at the end of the day that is was ,racism is hatred ,and she felt she could without consequences how is that? These schools were and are a horriable smudge on our legacies as Canadians , an dirty secret , I thank our Creator came out for all to see , this person needs to gather her belongings and simply home close her windows and doors because no one needs to hear from her ever !

  14. Anonymous says:

    She certainly should have been removed...HOWEVER..if you think everything will be better...anywhere...if one political group is removed over another, then you really don't understand what the problem is

  15. Anonymous says:

    Raceism is an abomination

  16. Unknown says:

    I like it because this normal Canadian or American is outted now and it is not a surprise that this is a white female the 1970´s as we attempted to help Leonard Peltier seek and secure Political Asylum, ever heard of that before, from Canada; the entire Canadian Judicial System colluded with lying testimony of US witnesses, FBI and so on, again in the 1800´s when Chief Sitting Bull entered Canada to seek asylum the Canadians sent their RCMP to harrass the Lakota, knowing that those People would face imprisonment and death if forced to go back to then US....right now TransCanada is ignoring a Trust Land issue in BC of a gtribe to install a pipeline...against even their own laws....

  17. It is dangerous to have a pipeline crossing your provinces. I send prayers your way that these pipelines hurt no one and do not spoil your water resources. You cannot drink oil. Keep it in the ground.

  18. She should take a look in the mirror, calling us backwards!
    Our ancestors had a society and technology that pales in today's era.
    Her arrogantcy will catch up to her. And come to think of it, why do all these women who act and talk like her LOOK alike, is there a copy machine of shitty attitude people???

  19. KentonF says:

    I wish our conservatives in the U.S. were more like the conservatives in Canada. Ours would most likely applaud or ignore her.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “This is an edited transcript of a speech that Senator Lynn Beyak gave to the Canadian Senate. In response, the Aboriginal Industry started making her a focus of their attacks, which continue to this day…”

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