Rare footage reveals how the world's SMALLEST cat is just as predatory and daring as his much larger relatives - even though he could fit in the palm of your hand

A new BBC programme has revealed the little known world of the smallest cat on the planet, in footage captured while filming a documentary about its much larger relatives.

The rusty spotted cat, which weighs just over one kilogram and could fit in the palm of your hand when it is fully grown, and features in Big Cats - a new series celebrating all the different species of felines around the world.

The extremely rare minature cat is found only in the forests of Sri Lanka and India and is 200 times lighter than a lion - but is equally predatory when it comes to the search for food.

Although it looks very similar to a family pet, this one is different from domestic moggies and 'what it lacks in size it makes up for in daring', as it doesn't mind getting a little wet.

The Big Cats team spent more than two years travelling to ed to 14 different countries and filmed 31 out of the 40 species, as well as giving an insight into the secret lives of the rarely-seen small cats.

Narrated by Doctor Foster's Bertie Carvel, the three-part documentary series looks at cats such as the ghostly Canada lynx in the frozen North, the bizarre Pallas’s cat in remote Mongolia, and the mysterious and elusive swamp tiger of the Sundarbans.


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