Mr Guzman's son Damian tried to bring Capitan home, but he always ran back to the cemetery

A loyal dog has been found dead next to his owner’s grave – having slept there every night for 11 years.

Miguel Guzman’s family initially thought the German shepherd named Capitan had run away a few months after Mr Guzman’s death in 2006. But months later, while visiting the cemetery in Cordoba, Argentina, the family found Capitan by his grave.

They had no idea how the dog managed to find the cemetery where his master was buried.

Fittingly, Capitan died next to Mr Guzman’s body in the Municipal Cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz, at the age of 15.

Four years ago, Capitan was taken for a check-up with a vet and was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Vet Cristhian Sempels told reporters: ‘Unfortunately, his age and this condition (kidney failure) meant he could not hold on.

‘We could have admitted him to the vet, but only so that he could die in the veterinary surgery, so we preferred to leave him and attend to him in the cemetery, where he lived and felt calm.’

When he was found living there, the cemetery’s director Hector Baccega said: ‘The dog appeared here by itself, going around the whole cemetery until it arrived, by itself, at its owner’s grave.

‘Nobody had brought him here.’

Responses to "Dog dies next to his master’s grave after living there for 11 years"

  1. Jay Sorensen says:

    The LOVE of Dog IS the strongest of ANY other!!! Period

  2. Morgana says:

    Heartbreaking, sheds of tears, they are angels sent to help us but humans abuse them

  3. Unknown says:

    forever love comes from a dog to the master.

  4. Jan Lee says:

    True love and devotion,could only come from an animal.

  5. Beautiful story. If only we could see dogs and pets in general as our companions as they see us as theirs. We are not their Owners and/or Masters. They are equal to us and we are equal to them.

  6. Unknown says:

    I hoe that they left them together.

  7. Sierra says:

    Mr. Guzman and Capitan -- together again... 💖+💖

  8. This makes me wanna' cry! Such loyalty & devotion! They give us unconditional LOVE! May you both RIP!

  9. Unknown says:

    me yeh i have a tear, i can be an arsehole in life and crazy riding motorbikes, but this shit it makes me cry like a wimp xx

  10. Unknown says:

    Sad but beautiful story.

  11. They need to burry them together now and let them be dogs are loyal to the very end.

  12. they're together once again.

  13. Jen says:

    Loyalty at it's best. The love of an dog goes very deep. Very sad story.

  14. Unknown says:

    If you have the love of a doggie, then you have something that can't be taken away....once they love you they love you till they die! The world would be a much better place if people had half the loyalty of doggies! RIP Captain Doggie!

  15. belblac says:

    Oh, Capitan, you wonderful and loyal boy. I am not sorry to hear you have left this world,for now you will be held in the arms of your Master. Some will say you scented where your Master lay, but I would say that your Master knew you would be content only where he was and so he spoke to you,not in word,but in love and led you to where you needed to be, close to him. Now together again, although you were never really apart,for I am sure your Master comforted you. I was once a sceptic, but my own proof,makes me know that some bonds are far stronger than some will ever know. I read about you a time ago and knew you would stay until the end and when that gap in the door opened that you would push on through, there to find your Master and start your lives anew. Bless you Capitan, you are one very special dog. xx

  16. Unknown says:


  17. Unknown says:

    There are no words for the love Captain shared with his owner. Shows that animals have feelings of all kind, sadly, loss. I know he is with his bestfriend now playing and long walks.

  18. One can only dream of being worthy of such a guardian. Godspeed Capitan.

  19. We so called humans don't deserve the true and honest love of a dog.Look how many dogs get killed everyday..Shameful

  20. Unknown says:

    Maybe the live dog boiling and dog blowtorching nations like China and S. Korea can take a clue...they are torturing for dogmeat the most sentinent being, man's best friend!

  21. God Bless you Captain and God and Jesus rest your soul and may you be back with your Daddy again for ever !!!

  22. Unknown says:

    very heart touching

  23. Unknown says:

    R.I.P. Captain. Be with your owner again.

  24. Unconditional love at the highest

  25. Unknown says:

    lovely he found his owner and they are together for ever now beautiful story

  26. cathy t says:

    and people say animals dont have feelings. BULL. this dog was devoted to his owner, the love he had for him was so beautiful. but so sad. not they r reunited, so sad but beautiful

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