The proud beast looks like a contender for the cover of next season's Vogue magazine. This gorgeous lion was caught on camera striking a pose during a storm on the Serengeti

 In the photos, the desperately good-looking creature is seen posing and preening himself on the arid plains.

Caught in the midst of a storm, strong winds whipped the lion's luscious mane back and forth during the impromptu shoot. This led to some deeply dramatic shots.

The photogenic animal is seen to shake his tousled mane in these striking, and hilarious, photos. In one, he even looks directly in to the camera lens. And, after noticing the cameraman, he moves to rest majestically on a rock.

Alex Kirichko, 52, was the fortunate photographer who managed to capture the camera-ready lion in the Namiri Plains, Serengeti, Tanzania.

Alex, from Switzerland, said: 'I went specifically to Namiri Plains to photograph the huge amounts of lions and cheetahs that there is there.

'That morning I was waiting for a storm to come to get some dramatic pictures, and the wind was very strong.

'When I spotted the lion, I couldn't help but notice that he seemed to be posing for me.

'I felt like I was a top fashion photographer!'

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  1. That has to be Mufasa the original Lion King.

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  4. He better werk!

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    Beautiful :-)

  6. Lion's thinking - "I make this look good" :D

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