A Crestline woman said she spotted a sasquatch in the San Bernardino mountains and filed a lawsuit to prove it.

"If they wanted to hurt us that day they could have," Claudia Ackley said. "We were right there."

Ackley was hiking a trail in Blue Jay with her two daughters on March 17, 2017, between 6:30 and 7 p.m. She said her daughters noticed it first.

"They're standing right there frozen looking at something," Ackley said. She believes they were looking at Bigfoot.

"He looked like a Neanderthal man with a lot of hair," Ackley said. "About 800 pounds. I was trying to tell it to please not hurt us, and that's when he just stared at me."

Ackley said the sasquatch was perched in a tree, about 30 feet above the ground. She said there were two other sasquatches nearby.

"All I'm thinking is please don't get near us because I have my children," she said. Ackley called 911, but said the authorities didn't believe her.

"I'm sorry you saw a bear,'" Ackley said. "And I said no; this was no bear. I know what I saw."

Ackley has filed a lawsuit against the state of California, as well as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, for refusing to acknowledge the existence of the species of Bigfoot. The spokesperson for the CDFW would not comment because of the pending lawsuit.

"They're on our property. They knock on our walls. They look through our windows," Ackley said. "It's more and more and more."

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