Animal Rescue Team landed in South Korea to rescue more than 80 animals from a local dog meat farm. Thankfully, it was arranged for all the dogs to be removed and transported to temporary shelters in Canada.

The dog meat farm came on HSI’s radar during this year’s Winter Olympics and planning to help shut down the facility began.

The organization reached an agreement with the farm owner who relinquished the dogs. The rescued dogs are now on their way to a better life!

Once at the temporary shelters, the animals will undergo health and behavior checkups then begin the search for their new homes.

Adam Parascandola, Director of Animal Protection and Crisis Response at HSI, shared a live update of the process of removing the dogs from the farm. The video update featured one of the rescued dogs, Moon Bear, who was absolutely beside himself with excitement at being given attention and affection from his new friend.

Thanks to HSI, more than 80 dogs who had known nothing but freezing cold temperatures and short chains will start completely new lives.

Although their fate seemed to be decided, the dogs are now saved and they will finally have the chance to have normal lives and loving homes.

Responses to "Photos Capture the touching rescue of 80 Dogs from a Meat Farm"

  1. Unknown says:

    boycott anything made in China please!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the above is in korea, not china. however, if you wish to protest against the dog meat trade, sign petitions, and boycott also: vietnam, thailand, indonesia, philippines, south and north korea, china, switzerland (cat meat), laos, cambodia, india... and more.

  3. Thank you for the rescue. Slaughter of any animals for human consumption should be stopped everywhere. Go vegan or vegetarian. Don't need meat to live!

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you for rescuing them. It makes me so sad. North Korea Kim Jung this year ordered everyone to give their pet dogs up for meat. He is so disgusting.

  5. jenjole says:

    Bless your big beautiful hearts!

  6. Unknown says:

    It's so wonderful and noble of these selfless these angels that travel around the world rescuing man's best friend from the abuse and horrible fates that await them there, all the millions that went before them to their dreadful fates, but now with the awareness of what has been going on for hundreds of years to these hapless souls, more and more rescues have been successful GOD BLESS these earth angels and GOD BLESS the animals who were able to beat the odds because of their dedication and determination and love of animals, I believe a dogs heart and soul is suppose to teach us what true unconditional love is suppose to look like because the loyalty they demonstrate is like no other, WHY? because once again DOG spelled backwards is GOD>

  7. Unknown says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. Was this meat farm closed down? Hoping they don't go out and get more dogs for it :(

  8. It is so sad that animals have to die for human consumption. Be a vegetarian! I am grateful for all those who save these beautiful animals but I wish that there wasn't a need for rescues.

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