“They are declaring war on our people because we have said no. We have said no, no passage. You cannot bring this pipeline through our lands,”

Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced Tuesday that the federal government will purchase the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline — a controversial pipeline that runs from the Alberta oil sands to the country’s pacific coast — for $3.45 billion (C$4.5bn).

The announcement, which caused a flurry of activity on social media and outrage from protestors on the ground, was also met by comments from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who gave an interview to the Financial Post stating First Nations people did not have veto power to block projects that cause environmental concerns.

Though the Canadian government recently adopted a United Nations resolution recognizing the right of Aboriginal groups to “free, prior and informed consent” on economic projects in their territories, Trudeau told the Financial Post that “Ottawa doesn’t recognize the unconditional right of First Nations to unilaterally block projects.”

“No, they don’t have a veto,” he said of the three major nations — the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh — who oppose Kinder Morgan.

Trudeau outlined that there are dozens of tribes along the Kinder Morgan Pipeline route who have signed more than $300 million in economic benefit agreements. He also acknowledged that protesters have the right to voice dissention, but they must do so within the letter of the law.

“…We’re a country of rule of law. We’re a country where we have processes for consultations. We have regular elections. We have ways of protesting to make your feelings heard, and that is all par for the course and that will happen… And that is something that is important in our national discourse as a country,” Trudeau said to the Financial Times.

“They are declaring war on our people because we have said no. We have said no, no passage. You cannot bring this pipeline through our lands,” she said to IPolitics. “I’m willing to go into a death, with my death song, into battle against Kinder Morgan right now.”

Manuel, who was arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest at Standing Rock, isn’t alone.

At a press conference at the Assembly of First Nations on May 2, Squamish Nation council member Khelsilem, echoed Manuel’s sentiment, stating, “Our people are willing to put our lives on the line.”

The opposing sentiments have Canadian politicians concerned. Nathan Cullen, a Canadian federal politician, told IPolitics he was worried the plan could escalate tensions between the government and opponents of the pipeline.

“I think rather than make things the same or better, it’s made things worse,” he said. “That’s my concern, is that this is Mr. Trudeau ramping up the tension and picking a fight that I don’t think I can win… I have faith in people who are peacefully protesting because they’ve been able to do it for this long, but Mr. Trudeau has just turned the temperature up dramatically.”

In a challenge to Trudeau’s statements regarding First Nations have no say in environmentally-based decisions and federal policies, the Indigenous Rights Bill (C-2-62) has just passed in House of Commons.

As just reported in the CBC, the Indigenous Rights Bill (C-2-62) which is aimed at ensuring Canada’s laws are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, has earned the approval of the House of Commons. The bill was voted on and won by a margin of 206 to 79 and is now en route to the Senate.

A First Nations New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Romeo Saganash told the CBC he believes his legislation is the most important bill Parliament has considered in a long time. He says Canadians believe it is now finally time to formally recognize that Indigenous rights are also human rights.

Saganash, who spent 10 years in a residential school, said to the CBC that rather than spend his life being bitter about that forced experience, he set out to reconcile with the people who put him there — and he says his bill reflects that same spirit of reconciliation.

Responses to "First Nations declare war on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau"

  1. MARIA says:

    Our government needs to be reminded that you took land away from these people's hundreds of years ago, exiling them to government run reservations.
    Now you want to take what little you gave them which was shitty land to begin with and run what you want through it, and because they say no you can't you are going to force them and expect them to bend over.
    I'm a white Canadian woman embarrassed by what we have done to these people. Mr Trudeau you made a promise to Gord Downie before he died, he believed in you, that these people were safe in your hands.
    Yours are now as dirty as our country made them 125 years ago. If they would permit me I would stand in the front lines with them proudly. You as our government have no rights to further desecrate their land they have made sacred and call home. Isn't this world in enough crisis, where are there missing woman and children, I don't see a full scale task force giving a damm about all these cases piling up. Missing posters and facebook notifications are not enough, show these people's that they matter, GIVE THEM A REASON TO GIVE A DAMM

  2. Inuit and natives need to set aside our differences and come together as first peoples of this land to push back and take back what the government has stolen from our fore fathers, see how many of us there are all put together and what we are capable of doing together

  3. Unknown says:

    Helping the Liberals bring in UN policies may be the biggest mistake indigenous people could ever make. Its being run by the people with all the cash, Saudi Arabia. They are only patiently waiting until they have unstoppable power. They wont recognize anything but Islam.

  4. Dave says:

    I am of first nations ancestry. I am metis and am proud of my native ancesters and support the fight against the traitorous terrorist loving tyrannical nation destroying trudeau and the the globalist U.N . Enough has been taken from us and now we must stand together and stop this complete destruction of our culture and our country and preserve what we have left . All canadians and first nations alike must stand up and fight for what is ours or we will be erased from existence along with our past,present and our future . We must remind our police and military that we are all in this together as canadians and our plight is the same . One goal save our country from destruction and keep our values intact.

  5. Odonis says:

    When the people are denied. When the animals are being poisoned. When the ground has lost its life. When the water turns waste. Mankind s leaders are not of the people. Since 1860s these Sinister monsters have took control.Since the World Wide Mud Flood mid 1800s .prior we were all under the Tartarian Empire . Most know not of all I say. But look around at the buildings it's proof . We had free energy they suppressed us this technology and our way of life was peaceful amongst nations .to rewrite history would take 3 generations or one if they slaughtered the old and told the children storeys. You find this hard to believe ...research and tell me this ain't so... I dare you. And yes there is a higher power it is the devine Being who is One with all. Respect all you come across and the ground you walk on.

  6. Unknown says:

    YNWA First Nations! The entire world, and humanity at large, everywhere are siding with you in your struggle, against dark forces of destruction and commercial greed, justice will have a final say, the truth is immortal and eternal, no one can argue with truth. Truth is light, and light is eternal and immortal, yet darkness comprehend it not!
    Keep and safeguard your:
    * Spiritual Security of Your Nations.
    * Cultural Security of Your Nations.
    If these above are guarded vehemently, then “Economic Security of Your Nations” will be vindicated no matter how hard, or how long, as long as you do not consent, the Higher Spirit! —Would Not, And Never Allow It To Happen! Rest assured brothers and sisters in arm, if we are not in Mighty YHWY, —then surely, we must be brothers and sisters in humanity. Your suffering and agony are sincerely shared.
    Fear not, walk into fear fearlessly, or let it pass by unnoticed, fear had lost, and is eternally condemned period.

  7. L.D. says:

    I started this petition last week. I wanted to create a way for Canadians to say how we feel without the message being corrupted or twisted into something it is not. Add your voice to almost 10,000 other Canadian voices. Tell Trudeau it's time to go!

  8. Unknown says:

    Go get him 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  9. Unknown says:

    Shared your post from timmins ontario the great white north

  10. John ( says:

    The United Nations is now our masters. Indigenous people and all other Canadians will soon have no human rights because the treasonous Mr. Justin Trudeau has sold us out. Every one.

    We need to unite as one people and take our country back from our current administration.

    We are clearly on a head on collision with a one world government unless we stop back biting and bickering about matters that have taken our focus away from the bigger picture.

  11. Unknown says:

    You cannot have it both ways , starve or build the pipeline for economic prosperity. Something can be done to ensure the pipeline dont leak

  12. It is totally embarrassing that Trudeau is leader? of this great country. He must be removed from office and charged with Treason and jailed for life or hung by the neck until dead period!!

  13. John says:

    There are other ways to survive and the water, clean water is life itself Solidarity with the Braves

  14. Unknown says:

    We demand Trudeau's resignation immediately

  15. Unknown says:

    We demand Trudeau's Resignation,,immediately

  16. Unknown says:

    Trudeau has declared war on all Canadians including First Nations,with a open border, world order thug agenda,Canada will become a war zone.

  17. Unknown says:

    Fight for what was given back the gambling money use it to buy the land and return it to a survivable for what we still have use new tecnology within reason and confidance.

  18. Feral Fae says:

    Who is "she" in the following sentence?

    “They are declaring war on our people because we have said no. We have said no, no passage. You cannot bring this pipeline through our lands,” she said to IPolitics. “I’m willing to go into a death, with my death song, into battle against Kinder Morgan right now.”

  19. Unknown says:

    There is already a pipeline through those lands! What difference would another one make?

  20. Hal1046 says:

    As a decendent of the Great Chief Madockawando who was a Sachem. I say enough of Trudeau and his disgraceful lies and disrespect to our people. And the so called 200 million dollar settlement to the victims of the residential schools that is the final insult. That settlement works out to about a 1000 dollars per victim. The still suffer from PTSD from the rapes and torture and other abuses they went through. The victims should be given on going free healthcare for dealing with the PTSD also they should be given a much larger cash settlement as well as a life time monthly pension for the atrocities committed against them

  21. Unknown says:

    we need this on both sides of the border north and south, usa and canada,
    rise up my native first nations people, all

  22. Unknown says:

    we need the people to challenge the changing of our constitution as the constitution was not design to address the needs and changes for a political party . They were given by the founding fathers for the people of Canada so changes to the constitutionn and this includes open borders would have to be voted on the by the people and this desire to vote on this referedum was refused by the liberal party. The people have a right to vote on these changes and it was denied thereful it was changed illegally and thus voting cards would not be legal. The Canadian Citizens were denied a vote on the changes of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as our Constitution which were not given to a partyto change . We demand a vote on these changes and use of taxpayers money to fund illegal terrorists that endanger the very lives of Canadians and their neighbours. Canadians want to our rights under our charter and a say to taxpayers money used to help terrorists organization to the determent of Canadian people and our neighbours. Canadians have voiced that we do not want to be part of the UN and their rules which destroy Christans, Jews, women and to bankrupt the middle class and funnel funds to the elite. The laws that they stand for will crush and kill women and children, and the use of torture which has never been part of the Canadian government . We need Mr. Scheer to challenge the taxing changes and immigration changes. The Canadian Citizens must legally address the voting cards and the illegal immigrants and ISIS and to procure charges of treason of the liberal party and senators as well as the Governor General who did not follow her mandate. Allowing ISIS and other terrorists into our country and to roam free is a direct threat to the rights of Canadian Citizens and the threat to the United States.

  23. Unknown says:

    I totally support first nations rights Mmkay

  24. Anonymous says:

    ALL Canadians, from ALL ethnicity and backgrounds must come together to save our beautiful Country from Trudeau and his Globalist Agenda. This is very serious!Trudeau has signed away our Sovereignty when he signed The United Nations Global Compact for Migration. The United Nations will be deciding who when how many people will be allowed into Canada. These decisions should be made by Canadians. The United Nations is a corrupt globalist organization that has been taken over by the M Brotherhood. I believe, they saw Trudeau as the weakest link and over time they have infiltrated every level of our Government.Trudeau is, in my opinion, an enemy of our Nation. He has opened our borders to Illegal migrants, he has welcomed ISIS terrorists with open arms, he has changed our election laws to ensure all illegals and non-citizens can vote, he has promoted racism and has pitted Canadians against one another. Trudeau's actions, in any other country, would be considered Treasonous! CANADIANS MUST STAND TOGETHER SHOULDER TO SHOULDER TO OBJECT TO THIS TYRANT: WE MUST STAND OR OUR NATION WILL FALL! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

  25. Youpicks says:

    The world is watching. The Snake and the pipe are one and it bites the same way. We must work together to defeat the snake.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This leaves a hollow viod in my soul, The beast system is raising its ugly head, CREATOR YAH is allowing this to teach us to follow the old path once delivered to our forefathers long ago. Good words of a covenent. The CREATOR of all life sent us HIS only brought forth SON YAHUSHA to prepare the WAY. It is a narrow path. Our family values have eroded men marrying men, women with women is not the CREATORS way! Most have walked away from the AUTHOR OF ALL LIFE. We are being judged, There needs to be a change of heart, change of direction. Act 17:24 “Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”, who made the world and all that is in it, this One being Master of heaven and earth, does not dwell in dwellings made with hands.a Footnote: aSee Act 7:48.
    Act 17:25 “Nor is He served with men’s hands – as if needing any – Himself giving to all life, and breath, and all else.
    Act 17:26 “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, having ordained beforehand the times and the boundaries of their dwelling,
    Act 17:27 to seek the Master, if at least they would reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.
    Act 17:28 “For in Him we live and move and are, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’
    Act 17:29 “Now then, since we are the offspring of Elohim, we should not think that the Elohim is like gold or silver or stone, an image made by the skill and thought of man.
    Act 17:30 “Truly, then, having overlooked these times of ignorance, Elohim now commands all men everywhere to repent

  27. SheTechs says:

    286 days left to go mofo... then you.are.out.

  28. Unknown says:

    this pm needs to resign he is killing kanata slowly and painfully.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The beast, extending its poisonous tentacles, sending deadly birds in the sky, enticing people to ride the fire breathing dragons, telling us lies about democracy and freedom, yet keeping humanity enslaved, ready to consume any one of us. Pray that one or many of us may discover it's head and sever it.

  30. There are areas in British Columbia Canada that have not been entirely 'properly' colonized, polluted and used up industrially and are legally termed "unceded".

    This area is lived on by the 1st Nation Folks as they are called in Canada.
    This spot is lived on by a few families all year. NO-truth-there are no pipelines there.
    It is also where an industrial pipeline should? go according to Trans Gas pipeline making industry.

    As humans all agree on every thing as YOU ALL know democracy is not going very well at the moment. It still is pretty easy to push indigenous folks around.
    Around Wet'suwet'en territory where the tiny town (in global scale)of Smithers BC. is we take care of our neighbours and stand behind them.

    The question is- how do we manage NOT TO be pushed around by multinational industry and cooperating government that sees the planet and everything on it a commodity???
    Sound familiar?

  31. There are enough wars in the world. This is NOT A WAR.

  32. Canada, through all its prime minister, have claimed to be a human rights advocate for all and in some cases have forced their human rights agenda on other countries, example: China, and so vocally condemned Russia's actions against the Serbian people yet he has declared war and an invasion on the BC First Nations people that never signed a treaty or gave permits or the right for canada to ever enter or claim one square inch of.

    Canada's human rights agenda and reputation has been blown right out into outer space. Their reputation of a human rights loving country has been ruined by all preseeding and present governing bodies of this foriegn colonial state of Britain. First Nations people will not sit idly by any longer and the BC First Nations people have gave notice tonight in justin trudeau's town hall meeting he held on Kamloops BC. I as a First Nations man, I am willing to die for my people. I am 100% standing with my BC brothers and sister of the BC territory.... aho

  33. We should all come together & vote a First Nations member as Prime Minister. If USA could get Obama up in there so could we. All we need to do is Find a candidate & vote him in its that simple. I’d be so proud to have one of our own to be Prime Minister finally. (Aho) ✊��

  34. Elly says:

    He broke all the promises he made ....sounding all good just to get our votes ..
    I vited for him too
    I so regret now
    He needs to RESIGN������

  35. Unknown says:

    Just EVERYONE stop paying your taxes and all and you'll see there will be no more Government PERIOD! They feed them self's with money, they are big because we accept money, take money away no more EVIL Leaders! Just saying.

  36. Newsflash:
    A corporation isnt a government.
    Canada is incorporated franchise, not a government,
    when they joined council/govt they gave up that right.
    A government cant own land/people or soil.
    Revoke the contracts as fraud.
    People are stewarts of the land and need to protect it.
    Love & peace.

  37. Voting is fraud, illegal.
    Revoke tradeNAMEs off voting elections
    and all subsidiaries for fraud.
    People are nations. People,
    canadian nationals can assemble.
    Read how:

  38. Unknown says:

    J.T has a bad blood line..

  39. Unknown says:

    I stand with you all 100%.God bless Hon Jody.❤❤

  40. Unknown says:

    What about the families that are counting on the pipe line to feed their families their has got to be a way we can work together , we dont even have to out it on the land I know there 100,000 that's r depending on the pipeline to get back to work . Canadian equipment is way more environmentally capable Canada oilfield sector has huge regulation that they have to meet we can make it so it wont even bother the water , the many carts that they r using is way more worse the environment and isnt the answer pipe lines r safer . I do agree Are oceans and lakes need to matter I also know the oil sand takes after from some lake as I seen on vice news I also seen ppl on the lake you know how many of those fishers r prob spilling gas into that lake when filling their tanks you gotta look at the whole perspective but we can deff work together where both are happy . Maybe take a look at the equipment they use I come from an oilfield family and I know that they take pipeline leaks very serious. Infact they take the ENVIROMENT serious trees need c0 2 extremophiles the oldest bacteria known to earth needs h2s and co2 to survive to me it's a cycle that balances itself out but we do need to do more saying no to this pipe line isnt the answer but I do believe there is more we can do and that the polluting and plastics garbage ocean is not okay. I think we should put our efforts there , everyone needs gospel fuel to survive the cold and it helps take children to school it support families across the land there many indegenous that r in favour for it why cant we look past what we just want and think about all the ppl this affecting and come to an agreement.

  41. Unknown says:

    Your headline should say "some" because many bands support the pipeline project

  42. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe some of the posts here.

  43. Unknown says:

    People relying on Pipe lines to support your families displace your self like lots of people have displaced ,find another job other people found other jobs .water is life !!

  44. Anonymous says:

    It is pathetic that these welfare cases whom refuse to work and to join in Canada's prosperity are allowed to stand in the way of our progress. You willingly take government money, get a job, the lot of you.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I believe the Indians have it right. But this is not a war between them and Trudeau in the end. It is a fight between the Indians, first nations, standing up for every true Canadian against Trudeau and the Islamic thugs he represents. Before and right after he was elected he wouldn't allow any pipelines anywhere. He brought in too many so called refugees who are actually all Islamists. They have become buddies and teamed up to take over Canada to eventually become part of the Islamic states. Seriously people check out the real history books and read the Quran, it states specifically to take over all the infidels. It defines Infidels as any one who is not Islamist. They will be in charge of Canada very soon if you the First Nations and true FREEDOM loving Canadians don't stand together and take back your country. If he truly wanted this pipeline for the good of the people he had let all them pass through when he was first elected.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Here in the U.S. (aka Turtle Island),
    I stand in solidarity with ALL the indigenous nations
    fighting the noble fight against the "white man's" Black Snake!!
    Mni Wiconi...WATER IS LIFE!!
    I do not trust any earthly government entity
    who's hell-bent on destroying our home planet!!
    And Just like Trump, Trudeau needs to be removed
    from office and brought to justice for crimes
    against Nature and humanity!
    No pipelines....PERIOD!!
    It's time to ban fossil fuel forever
    and invest into solar and wind energy!
    OF OUTDATED SOURCES (such as coal, oil, and gas)

    I thought Trudeau would be a good PM,
    but just like his predecessor, he has betrayed the
    will of the people (including the First Nations),
    with the same old status quo of corruption.

    I trust the Great Spirit more than any earthly government.


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