He may not have been the biggest dancer at the powwow, but an Edmonton toddler stole the show when he busted a move to the beat of the drums in front of an adoring crowd.

Martina Desjarlais filmed her two-year-old son Albert Apsassin dancing alongside the adults at a powwow in Camrose, Alta., approximately an hour’s drive south east of Edmonton, during a National Indigenous Day celebration last week.

In the video, little Albert can be seen stomping his bare feet on the grass in time with the music as adults dance nearby. At one point, the adorable toddler stumbles and falls over; but like any pro, he’s quick to recover and is back on his feet dancing within seconds.

“Everyone was like, ‘Aw, he’s so cute,’ and he kind of stole the show because he was dancing with all of us adults,” Desjarlais gushed to CTV Edmonton on Monday.

Desjarlais said her son learned to dance by watching YouTube videos of powwow dancers and attending Indigenous events with his family.

“He listens to the songs very well,” she said. “He’s aware of what you are supposed to do in certain parts of the song. He’s basically self-taught.”

Albert likely has his mother to thank for his natural talent. Desjarlais grew up dancing, but didn’t become serious about it until six years ago when her sister, who loved to dance, died. “I continued and once Albert was born I said I wanted to continue teaching my son our cultural ways,” she explained.

And it appears her son is a quick study.

Albert’s dance skills have already earned him an impressive online following. The video of his dance at the Camrose powwow has attracted more than a million views since it was posted on Facebook on Thursday.

“[I’m] proud, very proud,” Desjarlais said. “He did it all on his own. I didn’t have to make him. He just loves it and seeing him happy, makes me happy.”

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  1. Unknown says:

    amazing ..great to see culture kept alive ..

  2. Unknown says:

    Keeping the tradition alive...warms the heart & soul.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He really nailed the end, bravo Albert!

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