A woman filmed the moment a crow inexplicably welcomed people to a tourist attraction with a ‘Y’alright love?’ in a thick Yorkshire accent.

Lisa and Mark Brooks were on a day trip to Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire, when they spotted the crow nattering to passers-by as they strolled around the grounds.

Mum-of-two Lisa, 43, said she was so shocked by the bird that she started filming on her mobile phone.

The 34-second clip shows the pied crow rustling a twig before leaping onto a wall and greeting the couple with dulcet tones.

Chef Lisa, 43, from Leeds, said: ‘I like videoing wildlife and had spent the morning video squirrels and other birds.

‘I wandered over to the crow and just heard this faint call of “y’alright love”.

‘At first I thought it was Mark messing around but after a few minutes I realised it was the bird.

‘I found it absolutely hilarious. It must be a local – it has a proper Yorkshire accent.

‘We were there for 15 minutes and it switched between saying “darling” and “love”.

‘Other people started coming over and were just in shock.

‘I don’t think anyone has seen a talking crow before – let alone one with a thick Yorkshire accent.’


Responses to "Crow with Yorkshire accent asks woman 'y'alright love?'"

  1. Cindi says:

    That bird is adorable!

  2. Unknown says:

    What a great crow! I've never seen a crow with white feathers before.

  3. Unknown says:

    What a lovely generous crow making communication with humans...that have traditionally persecuted them.....Hero Crow!!!

  4. Fae Sidhe says:

    That "crow" is a magpie.
    Like other members of the Corvid family, they are able to learn to talk...

  5. Wow! Human trained I suppose.

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