Police Officer Ira Cavin had an unusual standoff recently when a lone rooster was found standing in the middle of a five-lane street in Yakima, Washington.

The rooster refused to budge, which lead to a tense moment filled with humor – all of which was caught on camera.

“Some nights you arrest bad guys and some nights you have a staring contest with a chicken,” the police department wrote online. “You just never know what a shift can bring!”

The rooster and Cavin had a brief stare-down but in the end Cavin was able to convince the chicken to walk and he safely crossed the road.

As to why the rooster decided to stop midway through crossing the road, Cavin doesn’t have any idea.

“I’m not sure exactly why the chicken crossed the road. We’re still investigating that part,” Cavin told news station KIMA TV. “I attempted to question the chicken but he wasn’t really communicating with me.”

After shooing the rooster across the road, the bird disappeared into a yard, leaving us to ponder why did the chicken cross the road.

Responses to "Rooster Has Hilarious Standoff With Police In The Middle Of The Road"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, city cop!

    I see a comb but no wattles, and a short tail. You got punked by a *hen*.

    (Anonymous because I don't want to sign up for a Google account just to drop the occasional smart remark.)

  2. Cararta says:

    Was just going to call him on his Hen.

    Beat me to it.

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