“My ancestors fought and died on these lands. I just told them, ‘Don’t ask me that question,’” said the Navajo lawmaker.

It seems like President Donald Trump’s supporters breathe, eat and sleep racism. They don’t have any idea of what a diverse world looks like and make a point of troubling anyone who isn’t white.

Just recently, a group of Trump supporters protested against immigration at the Arizona Capitol and to make their point, they used the most cringe-worthy tactics. They reportedly used racist language against non-white or dark-skinned people, some of who were there to ask the Arizona Legislature to support immigration reforms.

The protesters were reportedly armed. They waved large flags in support of the commander-in-chief, standing between the state House and Senate buildings, as they asked everyone who crossed their path if they “support illegal immigration.”

‘Get out of the country!’: Navajo lawmaker harassed by Arizona Trump supporters accusing him of being here ‘illegally’ 

They also called some dark-skinned people “illegal” and told them to “go home.”

One of the people targeted by the racist supporters is a Navajo lawmaker, Rep. Eric Descheenie (D-Chinle).

The lawmaker was asked if he was living in the United States “illegally.”

Descheenie was trying to help a young student who was being harassed by the Trump supporters when he got targeted himself.

“I’m indigenous to these lands,” said Descheenie. “My ancestors fought and died on these lands. I just told them, ‘Don’t ask me that question.’”

Policy advisors for state Senate Democrats, Lisette Flores and Selianna Robles, were also yelled at as they were passing die-heart Trump supporters to get lunch at a farmers market.

Seeing this situation, three white coworkers offered to escort Flores, Robles and Democratic staffer Dora Ramirez back to their offices, Robles said.

“We’re walking back, and they start yelling again, ‘Get out of the country.’ At that point, they pointed to Lisette, called her an illegal, and said, ‘Get out, go back home!’” Robles said. “But they pointed at Jane (Ahern), who works for the House, and they said, ‘No, you can stay.’”

Responses to "Trump Supporters Harass Navajo Lawmaker, Call Him 'Illegal'"

  1. Unknown says:

    Life must be hard for those folks.... too stupid to see how stupid they look. Give them all a Trump hair drier for their bathtub,Problem solved.

  2. Anonymous says:

    THEY TOLD A NATIVE AMERICAN TO GET OUT OF "THEIR" (stolen) COUNTRY! When the leaders of a country are so crooked and want to inspire racism and hate, it's no big surprise that losers like that will be inspired to the lowest forms of racism, crookedness and hatred. These leaders (not so secretly) want their followers to shoot people by complexion shades. Mexicans are about 60% native american. THEY STILL WANT TO SHOOT INDIANS! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU! YOU SHOULD GET OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY YOU THIEVES!

  3. Unknown says:

    Maybe all Supporters are " Communist "

  4. Unknown says:


  5. Carol B says:

    Maybe we should take a survey of Congress to see how many have stupid opinions like thinking Najajos are not the earliest peoples here. Ugh!

  6. Unknown says:

    Why dont people get the fact that Mexicans were here before any settlers that came to this continent on boats.. Who are they to say Make America White Again? It Never was White... Not till those White Immigrants came to these New Lands and Decided they are gonna Kill off those Native to it nd Chase Mexicans Off... Stupid!!!

  7. Unknown says:

    GOOD LORD, how stupid ignorant are are some people?? ILLEGAL?? HE'S indigenous to these lands,,He BELONG HERE, IN america, GO READ THE HISTORY BOOKS!

  8. Unknown says:

    There are Hispanics leaving in Arizona California Utah Nevada and so on long before the U.S had a southern boarder. Their families have been here for generations.

  9. Unknown says:

    A greedy white savage is the worst kind of savage. They kill everything on their pursuit of dominion over everything. But my white grandfather on my ma's side was the complete opposite, happy go lucky.

  10. Poor Dum Dum and Dummer! Was not a comedy it is for real in America from the Top Down. I am Proud of the Navajo Response. They do not even know how to defend themselves against the Truth. How pitiful those pilgrims are.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they were PAID by the Democrat party

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