A bus driver earned cheers from his passengers when he stepped forward to help a dog in need.

A black dog was trapped in the middle of a busy highway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The frightened dog was in the express bus lane and dangerously near the lane divider. Worried the dog was about to get run over bus driver Silvio Gomes stopped and exited the bus.

There was momentary confusion among the passengers about what was going on but one filmed what happened next.

“I left Magellan’s station and saw, among the concrete gaps, that the dog was lying down… I turned around and the dog was scared, wanting to jump. I thought, ‘I have to help… It’s a life, ” Gomes told TV Globo.

In the video, Gomes calmly walks the dog back to the bus and the moment the two are safely on board, the passengers break out in applause and cheer.

The dog also looked very relieved and happy with the turn of events. But he was about to become even happier.

After dropping the dog off with an animal shelter, Gomes says he told the story to his wife and was immediately “in trouble” for not bringing the dog home. So the next day, after saving the dog’s life, Gomes became a hero all over again and adopted the dog.

He says he plans on naming the dog OlĂ­mpicos (Olympics), in honor of where he was rescued, which was near to the Olympics stadium.


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