A man in Tbilisi, Georgia had a tearful reunion with his lost dog after finding him on a street. He sees a dog curled up on the sidewalk and as he approaches he calls his name.

The dog looks up and after a pause of a few seconds recognizes his long-lost owner. The dog whimpers and excitedly wags his tail as they hug and reunite.

A redditor shared some of the story of this heartwarming reunion writing:

“From what I understood of the story, the man lost his dog three years ago and received a phone call from a shop owner to let him know that a dog which looks a lot like his was laying in front of her shop. How she knew this I do not know, probably through some acquaintances.”

“Anyway, he made the trip and as he approaches he is in disbelief, commenting that it really does look like him… The way he calls him and the reaction of the dog speak for themselves.” There’s so much love and tenderness in that final shot. I’m so happy they found each other again. They must be so relieved to be back together once more.

P.S. For those wondering why the dog has a yellow tag in his ear, Georgia has a lot of stray dogs and ID animals that have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered.

"It looks so much like him, can you see him? He's even wearing the yellow tag on his ear." [Inaudible reply] "Can you see him? Here. At the base of the tree." The man walks up to the dog. "Zhora is that you? Georgie?" "Georgie it is you!" "Aww sweet boy, how are you boy" Dog is whining, can't really hear what the man is saying. "What is it? What do you want?" The man is talking to the dog. "Sweet boy" To the shopkeeper: "He's been lost for three years!" Shopkeeper "That's your dog?" "Yes, he is the dog from my yard. I've been looking for him. He recognized me, can you imagine? Can you take a photo of us?" The shopkeeper takes the camera, says something "No they called me, told me that my dog might be here." End of video with best friends reunited, sharing kisses..


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