The fur industry is generally a despicable one. Domesticated animals suffer in tiny cages until the day they are cruelly murdered to make a lux coat, hat or purse.

Wild animals suffer agonizingly for hours in painful, gruesome traps before they die. All for a silly coat. It is inhumanity at some of its worst.

But the tides may finally be shifting. Los Angeles, fashion capital of the West coast, has decided to unapologetically ban the sale of fur.

In mid September, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously agreed to ban fur sales sale within city limits. Once the order is written and signed, the fur ban will go into effect in exactly two years. When this happens, L.A. will officially be the largest city in the US to ban the sale of fur clothing and accessories.

“This is L.A. taking a stand and saying we will no longer be complicit in the inhumane and vile fur trade that’s been going on for years,” according to councilmember Bob Blumenfield.

This is a big deal. As the second largest city in the US and a major fashion mecca, the L.A. fur ban will make a significant dent in the mainstream fur industry. L.A. joins several other California cities—including San Francisco and West Hollywood—in banning fur. Perhaps New York City, Chicago and Miami will get the hint and follow suit.

Los Angeles Fur Ban is Part of a Larger Trend

In a similarly responsible move, lux fashion brand Burberry has recently committed to stop using real fur in its products. And they’re not the only upscale brand making a shift. Armani actually made the same commitment back in 2016.

Is the movement snowballing? Well, Gucci, Versace, InStyle magazine, London Fashion Week, the entire United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands and São Paulo have all hopped on the fur-free train, too. So, yeah, it would seem so!

Ending animal cruelty isn’t just something you hear impassioned PETA volunteers preaching anymore. Even fashionistas are becoming more conscious. And while we still have a long way to go to ending the conventional fur industry, this is definitely a solid start.

Know someone who loves fur and won’t give it up? Even if we ended the fur industry as it exists, that doesn’t mean all fur has to go. Try to get them on board with sustainable fur.

The company Peace Fur makes fur accessories out of road killed animals. Every town has inadvertent road kill casualties, and Peace Fur uses them to create beautiful, sustainable fur goods for people who love fur but also care about animals. Sure, it may sound a little gross at first, but it is actually a great way to cultivate a sustainable relationship with fur without the cruelty.

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