Recently, photographer Simon Dell stumbled upon a family of mice running around his garden. Instead of reaching for the traps, however, he took out his tools. Dell built the mice a miniature village and they repaid him by posing in front of his camera.

“I was out one day just taking photos of the birds in the garden and having just cut the grass I noticed something moving on the ground,” Simon told Bored Panda. “I pointed my camera at the ground and was shocked but very happy to see a very cute little house mouse standing up just like a meerkat in the fresh cut grass.”

“I knew instantly he was a star and ran back inside to get a couple of peanuts to put down for him. Sitting there, waiting, it was only minutes before he came back out for the treats.”

“It was at that point I thought I would give him a little shelter and safe place to hide and feed.”

“I had a bit of experience taking photos of wildlife and mice as I also had another mouse that used to live in my garden shed and only come out after dark. He was a wood mouse and we named him Stuart.”

“He was once a single mouse but he left at the start of spring 2018, maybe to find a mate. Hoping he comes back this winter and maybe he could get to know the new mice in the garden.”

“We get all kinds of wildlife in the garden. Many types of birds, such as starlings, house sparrows, blackbirds, robins, and more. Even a grey heron who has taken most of the goldfish from my ponds.”

“I decided to build them a home as I wanted to give them a safe place in the garden and not fall prey to cats or other animals. Also, as I was feeding the mice it was the right thing to do as I would feel it was my fault getting them to come out if they became prey. Being a wildlife photographer, I wanted to create a nice looking habitat for any pictures I would take.”

Responses to "Man discovers a family of mice living in his garden, builds them a miniature village"

  1. Rustler says:

    What an awesome idea, and the houses look so good. I know I've caught my cats with mice sometimes, I do discourage them from catching them and the birds. I only let my cats out in the backyard when I'm there. I do feed the mice as I'm feeding the birds and see tunnels coming to the area where I feed the birds. I will look at building a place for the mice though as then usually don't have a good chance at things. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. Reen says:

    This man has many talents with wood. He shows all of them including updates on the mice on a UK facebook page called Nature Watch

  3. Unknown says:

    Que c'est sympa, et joli ! l'homme n'est pas toujours un prédateur et cela fait plaisir à voir.

  4. Will it get crowded?

  5. So sweet!

  6. Sally Harris says:

    How utterly adorable. Bravo 👏

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