As we come together for holiday events, let’s be thankful for our health, our meals and the warm fireplaces that bring our families together. The true spirit of the season lies within sharing family time.

Let’s remember to check on our elderly relatives living in rural areas and who might need firewood or just some companionship. Bring everyone to the table when having your family dinner and encourage each other to share stories from the past year. This season is a time of storytelling and listening.

The winter solstice is a spiritual time for our people as the sunlight extends our days to grow longer. It’s a time of blessing and thinking forward in preparation for the spring. We should think about ways to improve the quality of life of our families and our communities.

As President of the Navajo Nation, I would like to wish each and every one of you a blessed and joyous Christmas and very happy new year. The Office of the President and Vice President greatly appreciates the effort of all Navajo departments and staff in strengthening the greatness of our nation.

United, we maintain a path to prosperity.

This message serves as notice for eight hours of administrative leave for all Navajo Nation Executive Branch employees, permanent and temporary, on Monday, Dec. 24, 2018.

For 15 years, President Begaye worked extensively with the Navajo government, neighboring Native American tribes, and organizations to build collaborative partnerships. He has worked with tribal leaders on developing communities and growing businesses by utilizing business techniques that harmonize with the natural world. He helped to develop a worldwide consultation network with tribal leaders and Indigenous Peoples. He assumed a leadership role through the United Nations and Homeland Security to aid refugees who immigrated to the United States. He also worked closely with native youth to create an annual youth conference for Native American students across the United States and Canada.

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