One hundred and seventy four foxes are feeling freedom for the first time after being rescued from a fur farm.

Videos of the white foxes being freed from the tiny cages they lived show the foxes being let out at a Buddhist nursery garden, the temporary shelter that will house them until a special enclosure can be built for them by their rescuers in China.

The foxes were rescued in China by animal activist Bohe, as identified by Karen Gifford, an animal rescuer who helps raise awareness and support Bohe in her efforts saving dogs from dog meat farms in the country.

The farmed foxes are domestically bred, “born in the spring and skinned in the winter” Gifford revealed on Facebook. “It’s horrifying for sure.”

As the animals are not wild they cannot be set loose in the wild. Instead, the foxes will be given a sanctuary to live out the rest of their days.

Gifford revealed the foxes were rescued after Bohe and her supporters learned that the fox farmers were closing their business because they weren’t making enough money.

Photos: Karen Gifford

The 174 foxes were loaded onto trucks and transported to the Buddhist Jilin Nursing Garden in Mudanjiang, China.

Once they arrived at the garden, they were set free.

Responses to "174 foxes freed from tiny cages in China feel the ground for the first time"

  1. Unknown says:

    where is the video

  2. Surati says:

    Oh that's just absolutely FANTASTIC !!!!

  3. Selina says:

    Poor babies! Am glad they are safe. That’s just awful.

  4. Irish says:

    Oh my gosh,this makes me so happy,the black leopard is my fav wild animal and the fox comes in 2nd,such beautiful creatures.

  5. Unknown says:

    thank you for freeing these beautiful beings <3

  6. Unknown says:

    Now what?? Do they have food??? Looks like a lot of animals for a small area....

  7. Unknown says:

    Glad they went out of business. People don't need fur coats!

  8. Love this! Thank you rescuers.

  9. ReeGee says:

    Love that these 174 were given what they should have had all along, freedom. But I know too many other animals are caged, chained, living in who knows what hell hole to satisfy human demand. What a nightmare.

  10. So grateful for rescuers who help animals from the cruel people.

  11. Unknown says:

    feeding them must be going to be costly but I'm glad they have a life now

  12. Unknown says:

    what about them reproducing? that might be a nightmare down the road...

  13. Tony D says:

    Good job on the rescue!!!! Now more needs to be done to keep these critters alive and well!!!

  14. Unknown says:

    thank you rescuers, now they have a better life even though they can't be released

  15. thank you all so kindly for all of your combined rescue efforts...this is fabulous for those beautiful creatures <3

  16. Unknown says:

    I hope they will be spayed/neutered.

  17. Anonymous says:


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