Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye on Tuesday presented a $250,000 check to Big Navajo Energy to cover the installation of solar power units at 40 Navajo homes.

The check is the latest installment of funds stemming from a partnership between the Navajo Nation and Big Navajo Energy that provides alternative energy sources to homes that are off the grid, especially in places like the Former Bennett Freeze Area. Big Navajo Energy, a 100-percent Navajo-owned company, has been working for the past year to install solar panels and generators in Navajo homes.

“Many families that need electricity are way off the grid,” President Begaye said. “Some of those people live in homes with light bulbs that, for decades, have never come on. With these solar units, families can finally flip a light switch and the bulbs come on.”

Big Navajo Energy has installed more than 100 solar power units on the Navajo Nation. Each 1500-watt unit takes a day to install but lasts up to 10 years. The system provides power for all electrical needs, including lights, refrigeration, cell phones, computers and portable medical devices.

“Big Navajo Energy provides solar energy for people who have never had electricity,” President Begaye said. “This partnership provides help to more of our people who desperately need it.”

Dory Peters, president of Big Navajo Energy, thanked President Begaye for his leadership and commitment to extend solar energy to more Navajo homes.

“Over a year ago when I met with President Begaye, it was clear that he had a passion to help the elderly, veterans and families with disabilities,” Peters said. “I think this has been a long-time effort on the president’s part to fulfill a commitment. I’m grateful for his leadership in providing the funding for renewable electricity.”

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  1. congrats! great work , keep it up, starting your own solar Navajo industry.

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