Nathan Phillips, Omaha, is a Vietnam Veteran who hosts a sacred pipe ceremony at Arlington, was taunted in D.C.

Native Twitter has gone ablaze as a Native American elder singing the AIM Song in Washington DC during the Indigenous Peoples March was ridiculed, taunted and mocked by a group of non-Native youth.

The video, which was posted by YouTube account holder KC NOLAND, was also screen captured and shared on other social media accounts with views shortly gaining tens of thousands of views.

The elder is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance. He is also a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.

Phillips is also the subject of a previous racially-based incident when he was taunted and harassed by Eastern Michigan University students who were dressed stereo-typically as Native Americans. As reported in FOX 2 News, he was yelled at and hit by a thrown beer can.

In a previous interview with Phillips, he told Indian Country Today that returning from Vietnam was not easy as a veteran. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.”

The Indigenous Peoples Movement is a collective of Indigenous activists, organizers, tribal leaders, social entrepreneurs, artists, educators, innovators, youth leaders, and change-makers who are working to build the collective power of Indigenous Peoples, communities and Nations.

“U.S. political leaders and the media have ignored us long enough.”

That’s the message thousands of international indigenous activists will be bringing to Washington Friday for the first ever Indigenous Peoples March. They are seeking to bring national attention to injustices endured by Indigenous people across the globe.

The event, coming a day before the third annual Women’s March, is organized by the Indigenous Peoples Movement (IPM), an international grassroots collective seeking to unify tribes and indigenous peoples from North, South and Central America, the Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Responses to "MAGA-wearing prep school boys mob and mock Native Elder singing in DC."

  1. PianoCC says:

    Stupid ignorant punks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    MAGA peeps, some day you will be embarrassed by your public display of false pride and ignorance.
    J. Young

  3. Unknown says:

    spoiled ass cocky brats! Little mini Donald Trumps living off daddy's money.

  4. swearjar says:

    Has anyone identified this child yet?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Covington Catholic High School students in Washington for the March for Life, an annual anti-abortion rally happening on the same day as the Indigenous Peoples March. Here's their phone # and address...1600 Dixie Hwy, Park Hills, KY 41011 (859) 491-2247

  6. Anonymous says:

    First of all, i don't believe for one second these kids are Trump supporters, No, they are a group of liberal socialists trying to make Trump look bad. They use to be called Antifa or don't you all remember, they are only wolves in sheep's clothing

  7. Unknown says:

    To anonymous claiming kids are liberals. Trump doesn't need kids pretending to be racist supporters toaoe him look bad. He has a whole administration to do that and he's very good at doing it all on his own too.

  8. Yet, perhaps as the elders would remind us all, these are impetuous youth at an age when they think they know everything, yet have barely scratched the surface of life and living.

    The sad thing is that these youth are empowered by their parents, and encouraged to be disrespectful of elders, authority and others.

    This is not even a clash about identity. Building the wall is about preserving the identity and sovereignty of America, a nation that demands diversity and equality, yet rarely acknowledges Indigenous Peoples and their own struggle to maintain identity and sovereignty.

    The entire clash is a bunch of children trying to assert authority over the Elders.

    Some of these youths will actually learn from this experience and become better people. THAT is the most important thing to take from the encounter.

  9. Lori says:

    Tell them what you think of this: Covington Catholic High School:
    Principal Robert Rowe
    Telephone: (859) 491-2247
    Diocese of Covington:
    Phone: 859-392-1500
    Diocesan Board of Catholic Education Superintendent, Michael Clines: (859) 392-1500
    Assistant Superintendent, Karen McGuire

  10. Brenda Wetzel says:

    Have they stopped teaching anything about our American History in school any more - don't these punks know this gentleman is a true Native American Indian which makes him one of a few "TRUE" Americans! The rest of us are immigrants whose family somewhere down the line, were allowed to come to the Land of the Free!!!

  11. jim s says:

    Article says michigan. Comments say kentucky. Can we get verification of either?

  12. Rowana says:

    Have tried several places and see NO video. Would actually like to see the video.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The disgusting racist harassment of an Indigenous man at the Lincoln Memorial by a nasty mob of know-nothings wearing MAGA hats sickened me. They would make America great again by mocking and insulting this original American, who is also a veteran. They only succeeded in showing their pathetic lack of knowledge of the history of their country and also the terrible hate that's been instilled in them, likely by parents and school. "The schmuck in the pic is Michael Hodge. His school has taken down its FB page and blocked its Twitter account but if they're still getting phone calls and email, you can let them know what you think about the "fine young gentlemen" they are producing..."
    Covington Catholic High School:
    Principal Robert Rowe
    Telephone: (859) 491-2247
    Diocese of Covington:
    Phone: 859-392-1500
    Diocesan Board of Catholic Education Superintendent, Michael Clines: (859) 392-1500
    Assistant Superintendent, Karen McGuire

  14. Unknown says:

    This truly is shameful, terribly disrespectful and insulting to this Elder. I do believe this boy has earned the honor of reading, understanding and writing about Indigenous People,Vietnam veterans, and specifically Native Americans, what this man's purpose was at the gathering, understanding how this boy's behavior was out of line and in need of a clear and sincere apology to this gentleman and to this boy's school.

  15. Unknown says:

    I hope this terrible kid's future employer gets to see this...he will never get a decent job. Who would hire this disrespectful jerk?

  16. Unknown says:

    Donald Trump endorsed this? I think not. Loving thy neighbor and respect is taught at home. Removing God from everything has damaged so much of this country. I am sorry anyone would feel the need to disrespect any elder or any race. We need to unify and stop the division. Stand up for what is right and against wrong.

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