A pregnant cow has escaped a cattle truck heading for the slaughterhouse in New Jersey to give birth to a calf.

The calf, named Winter, was born on Saturday the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, New Jersey, said. Winter’s weight was not given.

“She’s beautiful,” Mike Stura, founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary, said about Winter. “She ended up safe. It’s fortunate.”

Winter’s mother, later named Brianna, escaped a cattle truck driving on Route 80 and on its way to the abattoir on Thursday around 2.40 am. The police then chased Brianna all along Route 80.

According to Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale, Brianna kicked the door of the cattle trailer wide open.

She then jumped onto the highway. After Brianna was captured, the animal sanctuary took her in.

“She was less than 10 minutes away from that slaughterhouse when she flew out of the truck,” the sanctuary wrote on its Facebook page.

They both are safe and sound and now live in the sanctuary.

Earlier this week, the calf Winter took its first steps. This moment, just like her birth and arrival, were filmed and shared on Skylands social networks, where you can see the new mother and daughter.


Responses to "Pregnant cow escapes slaughterhouse and gives birth to healthy calf"

  1. Unknown says:

    Thank God and bless them both

  2. Unknown says:

    How sad and beautiful at the same time. Animals are so smart and mom knew she had to save her baby. Thank God she escaped and was not injured when she fled from the truck. Thank you to the people who are taking care of them. Blessings to all

  3. Smart cow. This is why we should all be vegetarians. Animals are put in those horrible trucks, some die on the way, some get injures it's an awful horrible way to end their lives. I have been vegetarian for 12 years now mainly because of the inhumane treatment of animals. Really, I am not missing the meat. Love veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, etc. Healthier!

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