Survival International, the global movement for the rights of tribal people, has released the following statement in response to actions taken by the newly-elected President of Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro has started his Presidency in the worst possible way for the indigenous peoples of Brazil. Taking responsibility for indigenous land demarcation away from FUNAI, the Indian affairs department, and giving it to the Agriculture Ministry is virtually a declaration of open warfare against Brazil’s tribal peoples.

Tereza Cristina, the new head of the Ministry, has long opposed tribal land rights, and championed the expansion of agriculture into indigenous territories. This is an assault on the rights, lives and livelihoods of Brazil’s first peoples – if their lands are not protected, they face genocide, and whole uncontacted tribes could be wiped out.

This onslaught on Brazil’s first peoples attacks the heart and soul of the Brazilian nation.

The theft of indigenous territories also sets the stage for environmental catastrophe. Tribal peoples are the best conservationists and guardians of the natural world and evidence proves they manage their environment and its wildlife better than anyone else.

Indigenous people are already resisting. The Aruak, Baniwa and Apurinã tribes have said: “We don’t want to be wiped out by this government’s actions. Our lands play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity. We are people, human beings, we have blood like you do, Mr President, we’re born, we grow… and then we die on our sacred land, like any person on Earth. We’re ready for dialogue, but we’re also ready to defend ourselves."

Sonia Guajajara, an indigenous leader and vice presidential candidate in the 2018 election, has said: "We will resist. If we’re the first people to be attacked, we’ll also be the first to react."

APIB, the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, says: “We have the right to exist. We won’t retreat. We’ll denounce this government around the world.”

Survival Director Stephen Corry said today: “Survival International has stood in solidarity with Brazil’s indigenous peoples for 50 years – for their survival, for the protection of Brazil’s most biodiverse territories, for the health of our planet and for all humanity. We will continue to campaign passionately for their lives and lands to be fully respected and defended.”

Responses to "President Bolsonaro 'declares war' on Brazil's indigenous peoples"

  1. strayaway says:

    the world needs first people and it needs forests.....the two go together and protect and sustain each other......the forest is already giving off more carbon dioxide than it is absorbing.....the earth and all life on it depend on the forests ....the first people are the only ones to preserve the forest as they live and breathe direct contact with the forest and its diverse life forms

  2. Yes. And now we want allies in Europe, as the devastation of the Amazon rainforest will increase global warming and raise sea levels making life unfeasible in countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium.

  3. The UN and ALL other nations MUST stand in solidarity with the Indigenous People and STOP governments taking what does NOT belong to anyone but the Native People.

  4. Brazilian indians cry for help! They are being murdered!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Governments are out of control. It is not their land to take! Supply the Indigenous People with guns to defend what is rightfully theirs.

  6. Arm the people! Resist the fascists and their imperialist backers and financiers! Victory to all the peoples of South and Latin America! Stand with the Indigenous peoples of Brazil! Forward to liberation and world socialism!

  7. Is such a shame this man as president. Till now I cannot understand wheres people's mind to vote him. Its surreal. 519 years of war... and its just becoming worse

  8. Unknown says:

    Government should ensure "free prior informed consent"(FPIC) and worry for the life, wellbeing and future of the indigenous peoples

  9. The master and doctoral anthropologist at the University of Brasilia, Edward M. Luz, is a consultant at Human Habitat Consultoria said:"Gentlemen, what has increased was the number of people passing by Indians, claiming indigenous lands. They are groups of social movements passing through indigenous people. What is happening in Brazil is an agrarian expropriation hidden under the mantle of ethnic resurgence. It is an agrarian reform in reverse. Just to get an idea of ​​what I'm talking about, I as an anthropologist, I've experienced various situations where supposed indigenous people claimed land. As I said, almost 14% of the national territory is demarcated for indigenous peoples" Sonia Guajajara cited in the text was a deputy of a notorious property invader.

  10. Unknown says:

    Yep thats what happened to Maori of Newzealand British came cut all our forest asimulated us and killed our way of living and our harmoniose relationship with our goods which is everything in nature Trees Bugs Birds Sea and everything in it... now our Island looks like a raped up little inocent kid still getting raped by corps.... but we Maori still strive to sustain nature its the pinacal of our ways of living.. my heart cries......

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bolsonaro has big plans:
    "This was made possible by the election of pro-Israëli President Jair Bolsonaro, who will come to power in Brasilia on 1 January 2019."
    The terrible forthcoming destruction of the « Caribbean Basin »
    by Thierry Meyssan

    President Trump has announced the withdrawal of US combat troops from the « Greater Middle East », but the Pentagon is still pursuing the implementation of the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski plan. This time the aim is to destroy the States of the « Caribbean Basin ». This is nothing like the overthrow of pro-Soviet regimes, as in the 1970’s, but the destruction of all regional State structures, without consideration for friends or political enemies. Thierry Meyssan observes the preparations for this new series of wars."

  12. Anonymous says:

    It comes down to greed, taking their land & making money from it. I hope many people around the world will rally with the Indigenous tribes and help them protect what is rightfully theirs. Greedy governments keep your hands off !!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Uma coisa assim Só pode vir deste animal....... irracional....

  14. Unknown says:

    We are all connected. The survival of humanity is dependent on the health of the planet. The rainforests are crucial to this. No one person or government should have the power to endanger not only the many tribes who have lived sustainably for thousands of years there or the ecosystem that has evolved there over millenia by this ruthless and irreversible act of destruction.

  15. Sheree says:

    I do hope things change for these people and there is a re-think about them and the land in which they own. If there is real trouble, I hope the entire world rebels and helps them by protesting widely to help these people maintain living and thriving on their land.

  16. Unknown says:

    The world can not allow this president to do this. The UN, ALL nations able, MUST stop this from happening. He is as insane as Trump. WE MUST STOP THIS PRESIDENT AND THIS GENOCIDE.

  17. Unknown says:

    How can we help!?

  18. Here we go again! The US government has its puppet in Brazil now! Time to plunder, steal and kill so that another country's resources can be stolen by multinational (used to be called American corporations). But they've divorced themselves from America. They don't want to pay taxes. They just want to use the US military and weapons to accomplish to accomplish their goals for them corporations.

  19. Unknown says:

    moi je dis c est un peuple sain puis ce nous vivre comme eux et défendre nos droits dans ce triste monde ou chaque etre dévore l autre il va falloir un gros boulversement pour le monde se réequilibre

  20. Unknown says:

    The indigenous people of the world are the best stewards of the natural world. We need them now more than ever. The UN and worldwide nations must protest this genocide and destruction of the Brazilian forests, called the lungs of the world.

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