It's not every year that a "super blood wolf moon" can be seen, and skywatchers across the world are awaiting this rare astronomical phenomenon, which is slated to take place early on Monday morning in Europe and Africa but will begin late at night in the Americas.

So what is a super blood wolf moon?

This eclipse has been dubbed the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse. The Wolf Moon is the traditional name for January's full moon. "Blood" is for the vermilion hue that shades the moon during a lunar eclipse. And the "super" is there because this January's full moon also happens to be a "supermoon," meaning the moon is passing at the closest point of its orbit to Earth.

This phenomenon is a total lunar eclipse happening along with a super moon. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes exactly between the sun and the moon. In this situation, the sun is behind the earth and the moon is situated in the earth's shadow.

A super moon is when a full moon is closer to the earth than normal and hence, appears bigger.

The full moons, according to Native American traditions are named differently in different months. In January, the full moon is called a wolf moon.

Will it be red?

During the eclipse, sunlight is refracted by the earth's atmosphere and reaches the moon's surface as it bends around the earth's surface. This will create a phenomenon, which illuminates the moon.

The moon may appear blood red or brick-red depending upon the weather condition in given areas. The moon will appear red as the blue light gets scattered in the earth's atmosphere and red light will be the most prominent.

January Moon Names: Man Moon (Taos). Joyful Moon (Hopi). Avunniviayuk (Inuit). Quite Moon (Celtic). Ice Moon (San Juan). Cold Moon (Cherokee). Ice Moon (Neo-Pagan). Flying Ant Moon(Apache). Big Cold Moon (Mohawk). Cooking Moon (Choctaw). Strong Cold Moon (Sioux). Little Winter Moon (Creek). Her Cold Moon (Wishram). Cold Meal Moon (Natchez). Moon After Yule (Cherokee). Wolf Moon (Medieval English). Strong Cold Moon (Cheyenne). Quiet : Dark, Wolf : Full (Janic). Great Spirit Moon (Anishnaabe). Whirling Wind Moon (Passamaquoddy).

Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Winter Moon, Yule Moon (Algonquin).


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