There are many people who love to see animals. But when it comes to helping, many people ignore them, leaving them on their own. Fortunately, some humans cannot remain indifferent to these animals, and they decide to help them.

The team at the California Wildlife Center is accustomed to dealing with injured animals. Recently, they rescued a defenceless bird that had a bruised foot.

Many passed by, doing nothing. But this group didn’t think twice and decided to help. They found the bird unable to walk and didn’t even have the strength to cling to the objects.

The problem with this little bird was a knot that formed in his fingers, something common, especially the youngers. In addition, he could only stand on his toes, causing discomfort and suffering.

The center staff solved this problem in a very creative way… They made little “orthopedic shoes” that will help the bird to walk! It’s some kind of improvised plaster.

“It usually takes a week or two to use the snow boot until the foot gets back to normal,” explains Duane Tom of the Wildlife Center.

After the treatment, the bird will be ready to fly and charm the humans with their beautiful songs.

What would you do if you saw one of those injured pets? Share it too!

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